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August 8, 2019

Albane Valenzuela

West Point, Mississippi

Q. How do you manage long golf days like this?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, it was definitely challenging, and my hands were pretty sweaty, so my caddie had to give me a towel every single hole just to keep them try because a few times it slipped off my hands. Definitely challenging, but I think over the days I've kind of gotten used to it. I felt like my energy was really good all throughout the 36 holes, so it was pretty good, yeah.

Q. You're the first one through to the quarters.
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Wow, that feels good.

Q. Your experience in the past and obviously making it this far in the past, what can you draw from that?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I know you have to be very patient. That's a key to this tournament. I think every single player is going to tell you that, but also stay -- have your energy throughout the week and just keep it one match at a time. My match this morning was really, really tight. I could have lost, and this afternoon was a little bit more -- I had it more in control, so anything can happen at any time.

Q. How has Old Waverley suited your game this week?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I'm playing all right. I think I'm more relying on my experience at this point. Didn't necessarily hit my best shots. I missed a few to the left, pulled some. But at the end of the day I know I'm a good golfer and I can be there at the right time, and that's what I'm relying on.

Q. What was it like battling the conditions out there today?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: It was definitely hot. I had to drink a lot of water and just eat properly, and my caddie was giving me an umbrella every single hole and telling me drink, drink, drink. It was tough, but it was tough for everyone, and you've just got to stay focused because it's tough.

Q. Tee times are moved up tomorrow morning to 7:15. Do you care either way? Would you rather play in the morning?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I'll go to bed early anyway, so it's the same for my opponent. It doesn't matter.

Q. Early to bed, early to rise.

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