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August 8, 2019

Caroline Canales

West Point, Mississippi

Q. A couple weeks ago you were in the Girls' Junior and didn't even make the cut. A few weeks later here you're in the quarterfinals. What's transpired in two weeks?
CAROLINE CANALES: That's golf. In Wisconsin I was struggling with my wedges a little bit, so when I got back to LA I worked on those a lot, and my putting, as well. So far both of those have improved here, and I'm ready for tomorrow.

Q. What were your expectations as you started the week, especially after coming off that two weeks ago? Did you feel good how you were playing in the practice rounds and then in the first couple of stroke play rounds?
CAROLINE CANALES: I was playing pretty solidly in the practice rounds. Driver was going pretty straight, and I was taking quite a bit of notes on the greens so that I would be ready for stroke play, and we came in ready to go.

Q. Obviously beat -- Alison Corpuz is a decorated player, USC, older player, more experienced. Did you feel like you were just free-wheeling out there, that she's the higher seed and expected to do better, just free-wheel it, that kind of mentality?
CAROLINE CANALES: I was just trying to do my best and just play my own game, and it worked out today. But she's a wonderful player, and it was really fun playing against her.

Q. Any particular shots that were key in that match?
CAROLINE CANALES: I would say the last putt to -- I made about a 10-footer to tie the hole and win the match, and -- I'm trying to remember. Yeah, just played pretty steady.

Q. I guess last week you were on the way to the SCGA amateur and got in a little bit of an accident?
CAROLINE CANALES: Yeah, I made the cut, and then I actually got into a car accident on the way to my round on the second day, so I had to withdraw from that. But no one was injured, so it was all good, and just practiced and came ready for here.

Q. Were you driving or someone else?
CAROLINE CANALES: No, I was not driving.

Q. Was it on the freeway?
CAROLINE CANALES: Yeah, it was on the freeway. Someone just cut in front. It was a little mishap.

Q. But obviously you couldn't make your tee time.
CAROLINE CANALES: Yeah, I was going to be late to my tee time.

Q. Do you think maybe the extra rest was beneficial now that you look back on it?
CAROLINE CANALES: Maybe it helped out. I did practice that day, so it might have been for the best.

Q. How about playing two matches today in these types of conditions? I know it was very hot yesterday, but today you had to go twice around the course.
CAROLINE CANALES: Yeah, it's a grind out here. This weather, definitely not used to, but if you just drink water and focus on your shot and not the heat, then I think it will be fine.

Q. You're a junior in high school?
CAROLINE CANALES: I'm going to be a junior this year.

Q. Are you committed anywhere?

Q. This is obviously a huge week then, I'm sure.

Q. You might be getting a few more letters. I'm sure you've gotten letters, but --
CAROLINE CANALES: Yeah, hopefully. Just focusing on my game this week.

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