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August 8, 2019

Caroline Hedwall

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. A round of seven under, the best by far so far this afternoon. What was going right for you?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Well, I was actually 6-under. They had it wrong. But 6-under, I'm really pleased with that round. I was struggling a little bit off the tee, but I was just putting amazing today, so I was just taking advantage of a hot putter and got a low one in, so that's nice with the weather coming in tomorrow.

Q. Stayed pretty fair today, so important to have a good score?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Yeah, it's nice to have a low one coming into tomorrow. You never know what you're going to get tomorrow. Seems like a pretty big storm coming in. I'm just very pleased with my game and I'm going to go hit a couple of tee shots, and if I can just get that sorted for tomorrow, I feel like I'm ready for it.

Q. We just said it's not as if you're unused to these conditions tomorrow, growing up in Sweden.
CAROLINE HEDWALL: For sure. I've played many rounds in bad weather conditions, so I think I am ready for it. It was a couple years ago, but I'm looking forward to the challenge.

Q. It was a very good day to shoot a score like that, wasn't it, considering the group you were playing in and a certain tournament coming up?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Yeah, I was very pleased to play really well today obviously, playing with Catriona, but it's not going to be one round counting for Solheim. I mean, I'm just looking into this tournament and trying to play well and it's just a bonus that I get to play with Catriona because she's nice to play with.

Q. And when you shoot 6-under, let's face it, what a nice bonus?
CAROLINE HEDWALL: Yeah, absolutely. I'm pleased.

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