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August 8, 2019

Anne Van Dam

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. So 8-under, joint lead, just what you wanted I bet?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, for sure. Today was a perfect day weather-wise. No wind. A little bit of sun. Good to take care of things.

Q. When you looked at the forecast, did you have a plan that you would play more aggressively and try and get those birdies today?
ANNE VAN DAM: Not really, actually. I just wanted to play one shot at a time and see if I put the ball in the fairway, where the pin was, if I can go at it, or play a bit more safe. Yeah, overall, it was just a good day.

Q. There's a big tournament this week and there's another one coming up, and I know you want to impress because it's getting quite tight, isn't it, for getting on the team automatically. I guess you really want to make a statement here this week.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, I think I did that.

Q. You've gone out and delivered. How pleasing is that?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, for sure, it's a big week, final week of the points. But I've got bigger things than that. For me it's important to keep playing well on the LPGA. I kind of need my points there, and I'm just looking forward to playing a solid week of golf. Whatever happens at the end of the week, I can't control that.

All I can do is play as well as I can. I played really well the last two years now. It's just, yeah, all the players play well, as well, and there's points to pick up for other players, so that's out of my control. All I can control is just how I played and play well today. So pleased with that.

12, I hit driver, 6-iron to about three feet, so that was easy.

Then first hole, I hit driver, 5-iron to four feet. They were two nice gimmies.

Q. The course was playing quite short.
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, disappointed about that. It's such a good golf course, and some of the holes, setup-wise, they set it up great. Then I'm disappointed to see coming here, you know, some of the par 5s, moving them forward, some of the par 3s, moving them forward. It's just disappointing, on a day like today, the weather was just perfect. I saw no need to do that. I'm definitely disappointed about that.

Q. Is there any particular reason given?
ANNE VAN DAM: You can tell me. I'm curious about it.

Q. I think they were suggesting the course was long because it's so soft, but the forecast for tomorrow maybe would suggest --
ANNE VAN DAM: For today, you're talking to the best players in the world in the females' game. I don't think we need any short courses, not at all. If it's a day like tomorrow, when it rains a lot, fine. I can understand some movements. But a day like today, all I can say, I'm just disappointed.

Q. Do you get a sense it could be slightly disrespectful to female golfers?
ANNE VAN DAM: 100 per cent. I was talking to Suzann about it, as well. It makes no sense why you should put two par 3s forward about 30 yards -- 40 yards, actually, playing it. Now I'm hitting wedges where it's just -- I'm just going to stop talking about it.

Q. What hole was that that you hit a wedge?
ANNE VAN DAM: The third hole, I think it was. And the ninth is such a good hole.

Q. What can you hit in there at 9?

Q. Obviously the grouping today, did you expect to be in a group this week with one of the vice captains and maybe another contender for the Solheim Cup?
ANNE VAN DAM: I guess that's how these things go. But yeah, what I said before, I'm just not really thinking about it. I'm actually glad it's the final week so everyone can stop talking about it and we actually know where it's at.

But no, I always like to play with good groups. Actually Suzann was probably one of my idols growing up, so first time playing with her, it was nice.

Q. Can that become a wee bit wearing, if you do this, this week and if you do this, next week, you might get in?
ANNE VAN DAM: Other players are out of my control. That's what I thought. You know, a lot of European players are playing well now, so I think that's only good. I'm not thinking, oh, they might pass me. I think that's only good. All I can do is just focus on my game and try to get a Top-10. Only Top-10 gets points this week. I know for me, that's how I can guarantee my spot. That's all I can ask for myself.

Q. You say it's been wearing. Is that not just this week, but the whole year maybe?
ANNE VAN DAM: Yeah, and especially for Holland, as well. It's obviously a long time. We only had one player so far in the history that ever played in the Solheim Cup. So getting closer for Holland, it's very exciting.

Q. Is there any Solheim Cup chat out there?
ANNE VAN DAM: No. It's just this week is this week, and for me, it's just an LPGA event. I try to play as well as I can, and then by the end of the week, we'll see who gets points, who doesn't, and where it's at.

Q. If you get into the team, can we expect a kind of massive orange like the women's World Cup football at Gleneagles?
ANNE VAN DAM: I would expect that for sure, yeah. I've heard a lot of people that are planning to come, so should be good.

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