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August 7, 2019

Kaitlyn Papp

West Point, Mississippi

Q. Have you played in anything this oppressive before?
KAITLYN PAPP: Yes. Like being from Austin, it's so hot there right now, but not nearly this humid.

Q. Your match today, you guys didn't win too many holes. I think you won one and she won one up until I believe it was 16.

Q. Talk about that type of match when you're grinding -- it seemed like it was more pars than birdies out there.
KAITLYN PAPP: Yeah, I don't think either of us made a bogey all day, and honestly, like I won a hole early and then she won 8 with birdie. So it was very even the whole way through. When I was on 14, I thought this would go all the way to 18. I was like, I don't know how this is all going to end because it's so close.

Q. She did make a mistake on 15 and put it in the water. When you go 1-up that late, do you feel like, okay, maybe the momentum is finally switching in my favor?
KAITLYN PAPP: A little bit, yeah, but I knew 16 was a really tough hole and I needed to hit it in the fairway on that hole, and I was just lucky enough to make that long putt.

Q. About 40 feet. Did you sense it had a chance to go in as soon as you hit it?
KAITLYN PAPP: I had a feeling, probably like six feet from the hole, I thought I had a really good chance of making it. Just it broke like how I envisioned, and then on 17 I hit it to like a foot.

Q. You drew Yuka Saso, no easy player, just coming off the semifinals a couple weeks ago at the Girls' Junior. What did you think about last night when you saw that draw?
KAITLYN PAPP: I knew it was going to be a very even match all day. I knew she was a great player. I played with her at the Augusta Women's Amateur in April, so I knew she was a really solid player, hits it far, and I had to do my best not to make too many mistakes out there.

Q. When you play somebody of that caliber, do you raise your focus versus when you play somebody who you may not know or who may not be at your level?
KAITLYN PAPP: I don't think so, no. I think I try to treat every match the same, whether I'm playing her or someone I've never met before. I think it helps just to play it the same.

Q. What will you do tonight -- how much water did you drink today?
KAITLYN PAPP: I don't even know. I probably can't even keep track of how many Powerades and water I've had, but it's definitely time to go rest.

Q. Are you pretty tired?
KAITLYN PAPP: A little bit. I actually feel pretty good right now.

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