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August 7, 2019

Alexa Pano

West Point, Mississippi

Q. Alexa, what a dream start for you. Co-medalist in the stroke play portion of the championship, a 5 & 4 victory in the round of 64. Have you met your expectations for yourself heading into this week or already exceeded them?
ALEXA PANO: I mean, I'm really happy with the start. It's been a pretty big goal for me the past couple years to get through the round of 64 because I've just kind of halted there, and I'm really happy to have done that. But now looking forward to improving throughout the rest of the championship and try to see as far as I can go.

Q. You've said you have a lot of confidence on this golf course. What in particular is it about Old Waverley that gives you that confidence?
ALEXA PANO: I've always been pretty accurate with my driver, so I worked a lot this week on control and keeping it in the short stuff, and that's been a really big positive for me is being able to attack pins because I'm in the fairway, and I feel like that's an advantage on this golf course. I mean, there's a lot of improvements that I've got to make, but if I can keep it in the fairway, I think I'll be good.

Q. And I heard you say you're going to work on some putting. Obviously you made some putts out there today, but you're feeling like that's something you want to hone in on for tomorrow?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, as the match play goes on, every match here is going to be tough, and you're going to have a different set of challenges every day, but definitely if you're rolling in putts, you're going to keep the match tight, so definitely got some work to do.

Q. One of the stories this week is just how hot and humid it is. The feels-like index today was 105. How are you handling the heat? You're from Florida, I know, so probably used to some heat and humidity, but it's got to be hard for some players out there.
ALEXA PANO: For sure. This heat is pretty insane, and the humidity is crazy. But trying not to focus on it too much. But definitely I'm feeling it out there. Yeah, it's crazy, but makes it interesting.

Q. Tell me a little bit about how you're planning on attacking your match tomorrow in the round of 32. Could be a potentially very long day, 36 holes?
ALEXA PANO: Yeah, I mean, I guess just try and go out and focus on me throughout the whole round and play just as it was in stroke play, make some birdies and roll some putts. You can't ask for much more than that.

Q. Finally, you've had such a busy summer thus far of competitive golf. How do you stay mentally fresh and ready for each new championship and challenge that you face?
ALEXA PANO: I mean, every week is a new tournament, so it's definitely important to focus on the new sets of challenges that you're going to get that week, and I love going from tournament to tournament, so for me, it's really nice when I can have an event back-to-back. My busy summer schedule kind of works in my favor a little bit.

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