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August 7, 2019

Sierra Brooks

West Point, Mississippi

Q. You've had success in this before. Talk us through what went on out there.
SIERRA BROOKS: Yeah, I knew going into it, obviously, she's an amazing player and has been in the same spot in this event as I have in the final match, so you know what it takes, and it's going to be a grind, and it was. She didn't make any mistakes, so just got to go out there and play good golf.

Q. Talk us through when you saw the draw last night, what went through your head.
SIERRA BROOKS: You know, I kind of had a feeling it was a possibility of it could have been her based off of where I was at, but when I saw it -- it's funny, though, because we played our practice round together and we hit it off in our practice round and kind of like learned some things about her, and like, we're kind in the same person in a lot of ways, and really enjoyed that. But of course ended up having to -- it's game time, you've got to go play against her.

You know, I knew it was going to be tough, and it was.

Q. You're from Florida so it's not shocking, but talk us through the heat.
SIERRA BROOKS: Oh, yeah, it's brutal. Honestly, it's kind of similar heat to Florida but there's no wind and there's no breeze, so it's a mental battle out there. You've got to get through that heat and try to stay cool any chance you can, find that shade.

Q. Talk to us about where your game is at and what's next for you.
SIERRA BROOKS: Yeah, my game feels good. I just had two missed shots today that kind of cost me, made two big numbers, and I think for me that was the misplacement of my match. But my game feels good. I head to school next, and also my fall season at UF, so I'm really excited and excited also to kind of be taking the next step in my golf career, as well.

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