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August 7, 2019

Albane Valenzuela

West Point, Mississippi

Q. Obviously you woke up when you saw the pairings last night, and you're seeing that there's another runner-up in your first round. What was your immediate thought?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I mean, I've played practice rounds with Sierra and she's a good friend, so you never want to play against a friend, and she's an unbelievable player, so I knew it was going to be a very tough match right off the bat. But that's what can happen with match play. You get a draw, you have to play against a teammate, fellow competitors, but it was a good match. I think we both gave a really good fight. We both missed out there, but we both also made some really good golf shots. It was a good match, and happy to get off with a win.

Q. Did you play a practice round with her this week?

Q. Both days or just one day?

Q. On Sunday?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yes -- on Saturday.

Q. Do you guys play with each other a lot?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: No, we actually don't play a lot with each other, but I've seen her in all the tournaments, so over the years I got to know her. She's a great person, so when I was playing with her in the practice round I thought it was really fun.

Q. Is there a difference playing somebody you know really well versus getting a draw against an anonymous player?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: I don't think so. I mean, if anything I knew she was a really good player, so I don't think it necessarily brings more comfort or anything. It's match play. The person can play their best round of their life against you or their worst. You just never know. But it's very random, but I think it's just nice because I knew the match was going to be very fair. We were going to give putts. It was not going to be -- it was going to be a very fair play game. That's what I was kind of excited about. I was like, okay, at least it's going to be fair, and the one who wins tomorrow will be --

Q. And it was tight all the way -- nobody had a 2-up lead until you won 16.

Q. I guess she missed the green?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, she missed the green and she had pretty much an impossible chip from there, and I knew on that hole -- I missed a putt on the previous hole and we kind of both birdied but a little shaky, and I knew I just had to hit a good iron shot to the green, make two putts and par and see what she does.

Q. I guess you had a little bit of adventure on No. 11 today?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, my shot -- my club completely slipped, and I missed it in the water, so I was like, oh, God, again. But actually I was in the water and I could play it. If anything I was like, this is a good and fun experience to be able to play.

Q. How about the heat today? You live in Switzerland and I guess you're in the Bahamas now, too, so I guess it gets humid there --
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, this is really, really hot. It's really tough to play out there, and you have to keep yourself hydrated. You have to eat properly. You have to keep your hands dry. So it's quite challenging.

Q. Feel good to get a match under your belt? You'll either face Julia Potter-Bobb or Brynn Walker; do you know either one of them?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: No, I don't know either of them.

Q. So tomorrow you won't be facing a friend.
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, just another person.

Q. Does it feel like you get through a match like this and maybe it could be your week?
ALBANE VALENZUELA: Yeah, always getting off a good match, I think it always helps. In 2017 when I had a good run, I had really tough matches the whole week, and that's what my mom told me yesterday, because when I saw Sierra, I was like, oh, this is going to be a tough match. She's like, you know, when you made a good run, you had Lilia Vu, you had Robynn Ree, you had Cheyenne Knight, you had a hell of a lot of good players.

Q. You figure the 64 players you're going to get good players no matter what, you've just got to beat them.

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