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August 7, 2019

Emily Hawkins

West Point, Mississippi

Q. Big win knocking off the co-medalist. What kind of expectations, and were you just kind of free-wheeling it out there knowing you're playing somebody who's had a great first two days?
EMILY HAWKINS: Yeah, I just felt like I had nothing to lose, just go out there and play my best and see what happens, hit some fairways and then try to roll in a few putts.

Q. You kind of got up on her early. Did that kind of ease the tension for you?
EMILY HAWKINS: I think so, yeah, because you never know kind of how things are going to -- how she's going to come out. But it really helped to get up early and gave me some confidence.

Q. Was there any moment in the match where you felt like, okay, this is going to be my day?
EMILY HAWKINS: I don't know if there's one particular moment, but I really felt pretty comfortable and calm kind of the whole match.

Q. Is this one of the biggest accomplishments of your young golf career?
EMILY HAWKINS: I think it will be, yeah.

Q. I think you've won two Big I's?

Q. Those were your two biggest wins before coming to this week?
EMILY HAWKINS: I've won like one college tournament. That one was pretty big. But yeah, definitely this is the biggest thing so far.

Q. Talk about tomorrow. Now you've got one match under your belt.
EMILY HAWKINS: Yeah, I think just more of the same, just hit some fairways and try to roll in a few more putts tomorrow.

Q. I guess you were Golfer of the Year and and Freshman of the Year, first Big South person to do that?

Q. So obviously had a pretty good first college season.

Q. The fact that you played this three years ago, did that tell you what to expect coming into this week?
EMILY HAWKINS: I think so, yeah. I kind of knew how the course would be laid out, a typical USGA course, and you would have to play well to even make it in the top 64.

Q. Obviously Campbell is a smaller Division I school. There's always the big schools here, and to knock off somebody like that, what does that do for the school, for you, for your confidence?
EMILY HAWKINS: I mean, it definitely helps with my confidence, and yeah, it just feels really good.

Q. Was there any putt out there that was a big moment in the match?
EMILY HAWKINS: I had a putt on the par-5, No. 15 for birdie. That was a really big putt.

Q. Did you win the hole?

Q. So that was where the match ended?
EMILY HAWKINS: That was for me to go dormie, 3-up with three to play.

Q. How long was the putt?
EMILY HAWKINS: 30 feet maybe.

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