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August 7, 2019

Bentley Cotton

West Point, Mississippi

Q. Obviously kind of the championship starts over today; what was your mindset coming into match play?
BENTLEY COTTON: First time making it to match play, and I got some advice from one of my friends. They just told me to never give up, keep playing, play your heart out, take no prisoners.

Q. Is it a friend who's played in this before?
BENTLEY COTTON: Yes, it's a Tour player.

Q. Talk a little bit about how you played today because obviously a pretty sizable win.
BENTLEY COTTON: I played amazing. I just kept making those putts and the kept hitting fairways, and fairways are such key out here. You get in the rough, you're almost screwed. You hit those fairways and that really set me up for a good opportunity to hit the greens.

Q. I know we just spoke about this a bit but talk about the heat and whether that's a factor this week.
BENTLEY COTTON: A little bit, but I'm so used to it being from Texas. It is a lot hotter here in the afternoon when you don't get the breeze, but kind of used to it.

Q. It's a long championship, seven days, so to be able to not play those last four holes, just talk about your energy level and kind of your mindset for the rest of the week.
BENTLEY COTTON: I mean, just got to stay hydrated, keep drinking the water and get ready, I guess.

Q. Talk about how you play match play.
BENTLEY COTTON: Match play, you're playing the person. Stroke play you've got to get in. You're playing safe. Match play you're playing their ball. If they're in a bunker, you've got to play it safe. You've still got to play it safe, but you just have a little bit of a different look at it.

Q. Were there any nerves going for that 14th hole?
BENTLEY COTTON: For sure. Even on the first hole I was very nervous because it's my first time in match play, so I was a little nervous on the first hole, yeah. But towards the end, not really because I just felt really good.

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