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August 5, 2019

Lauren Hartlage

West Point, Mississippi

Q. 68 is the low score on the board right now. Tell me your overall impressions of the first round out here.
LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, I definitely hit the ball well, and the key for me is to hit my driver well and putt well out here, and if I do that, I'll shoot a low score, and I think that's exactly what I did today.

Q. Finished with four straight birdies on your first nine. What really clicked in that stretch?
LAUREN HARTLAGE: I just made some putts. I had three putts inside 10, 20 feet, and then on 17 I hit it to three feet on the par-3, so I made that one.

But just game is feeling good.

Q. Six birdies overall. Any highlights that stand out among those shots, or is it mostly just hitting it close and making the putts?
LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, the two par-3s, 17 I hit it to a couple feet, and No. 7 I hit it to two feet from 170, so those are kind of two shots that got me going.

Q. How does it feel, stroke play, it's all about just making match play and everything resets, but it's got to feel nice to get off to a good start knowing you've got some room to work with tomorrow. Does that affect your game plan going forward?
LAUREN HARTLAGE: You know, I've been playing well, so I'm just going to keep the same strategy I had today and go out there tomorrow and play the same game.

Q. Talk about your impressions of the course. A lot of rain last night, an hour delay today. How did it play out there for you?
LAUREN HARTLAGE: Yeah, it played good. Honestly with all the rain, they did a great job of keeping care of the course. It's tough, but it plays really well, and if you play well, then you can definitely score.

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