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August 4, 2019

Chase Elliott

Bill Elliott

Rick Hendrick

Watkins Glen, New York

Q. The last stint, maybe the most perfect stint you've ever driven in your life, because you could not afford even one little bobble?
CHASE ELLIOTT: No, Martin was really good. I thought he was maybe a little better than us through that last one, but my team did a great job. Our NAPA Camaro was fast. It was fast enough, and guys stayed mistake‑free today. I just had a good day on pit road, stayed mistake‑free on the track, and track position was king.
Just appreciate all our partners. The NAPA Chevrolet had great power today. The Hendrick engine shop is doing work, Hooters, Mountain Dew, KBB, Valvoline. Look forward to next week. Just nice to get out of the slide we were in. This past month and a half hasn't been any fun. Great way to rebound, and can't wait to get home and celebrate with my girls.

Q. Even better news, you had fuel for burnouts this year. One in front of your dad, which you told him you were going to do, but two and a half burnouts is a nice way to celebrate, isn't it?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, no, I'm sorry my burnout rated about a C‑minus. I ran out of gas again. It happens, but we'll move on.

Q. Let's bring in William Claude Elliott here. I know he said less than 40 words today, but how cool is this moment to share it with him?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Yeah, he was back in the Bus Stop again, and just trying to get through there, there was a couple times I messed up and then Martin messed up there with a handful of laps left. I had a little bit of a gap, so always nice to hear a comforting voice occasionally.

Q. You told me you were not going to talk a lot. You held true to your promise, right?
BILL ELLIOTT: Pretty much. Just tried to give them information. When something happened over there, I was just trying to be the guy that gave the team information as quick as I could. But with all the technology today, these guys pick it up pretty quick. But I'll tell you what, I'm proud of him. He did a great job today. Mr.Hendrick and all the team guys and all the guys back at the shop, they put a heck of a car together here today.

Q. Mr.H., I think Watkins Glen is becoming his best track; what do you think?
RICK HENDRICK: He's a heck of a road racer, man. That coach over there on the backstretch was giving him some pointers. He told me he went up to play with his dad one day on the road course and he got by him, so I figure Bill helped him out a lot. But man, I'm proud of him. What a race today.

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