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August 4, 2019

Chase Elliott

Martin Truex, Jr.

Watkins Glen, New York

Q. The performance of a lifetime, not only getting the pole, leading 80 out of those 90 laps, Chase Elliott, you have won at Watkins Glen again. Congratulations.
CHASE ELLIOTT: Very wild. Thank you guys. That was frigging awesome. I've never been so far from home and felt like I was at my house, so thank you. Y'all are awesome.
What a day, man. Such a fast NAPA Camaro, and these guys called a great race. Just stayed mistake‑free, and Martin was a little quicker I felt like those last two runs, but the track position was king, and didn't mess up into 1 this time, so that was good, so just a huge thanks to everybody that makes that happen.
Mr.Hendrick is here today, and just a lot of people that obviously have got me to this point. I wish my mom and my grandmother were here today, but I can't wait to see you guys when I get back home. Love you.

Q. These fans are out here supporting you every single time. What do you want to say to them?
CHASE ELLIOTT: Just thank you. I'm sorry I ran out of gas again. I'd have done more, but it happens. Just thank you. Like I say, you guys are awesome, and I've never felt like‑‑ I would have never thought a New York race would have felt like home, but you guys did that, so thank you.

Q.Martin, as you were hunting Chase down, you could hear you say it was like hitting a wall of air as you got close to him. What more could you have done?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: I tried to do all I could. Chase did an excellent job, just not making mistakes, and really all I could do was get to two car lengths, one and a half at the closest in braking, and just try to force a mistake. But he hit his marks. His car was really fast in the key areas that you need to be, leaving a few of the key corners.
I just couldn't get a run on him and we just was kind of stuck there. Unfortunate, but our Bass Pro Camry was really, really fast today. We passed quite a few cars there that were fast and finished up front, just couldn't past that last one.

Q. Just another incredible top‑two finish for you guys on a road course. What does it say about that team?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: Oh, just we enjoy the road courses. Cole and James and all the guys really understand what I need here.
Honestly we weren't as good as we needed to be yesterday, and we made some changes after practice, and definitely in the right direction. Just wish we could have been just a tiny bit better. But really it was all about restarts and track position, and if I could have just got by him on that last one we would have set sail, I believe, but we didn't, and he won, and he did a good job, and overall it was a good weekend for us.

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