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August 4, 2019

Ashleigh Buhai

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Q. Today didn't go probably quite to plan. First hole, starting out not so good for you, but you must be pleased overall with how well you've played through the week?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I'm very chuffed. I mean, if you had told me, given me a top five at the beginning of the week, I most can certainly would have taken it.

Obviously there's some disappointment, having had the lead over two days and being in the mix, but I kind of steadied myself and I thought I played really good on that back nine. Unfortunately hit it in the rough on 16 to make bogey. I left a few putts, but overall I'm obviously very happy.

Q. Yesterday you mentioned you played probably better than the score reflected for the most part. What is different today for you in the way you played the course, do you think?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I felt yesterday on the front nine, I definitely gave myself more chances, but I thought today I played really good. I left a few putts out there. There were two birdie putts that were super makeable and my par putt on 9, should I have made two. Felt I hit a good putt on 9, and No. 11, just misread them a little bit. More to do with pace. Yeah, I can't be unhappy with how I played.

Q. What do you think is your biggest takeaway from this week?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think just, you know, staying in the mix. Obviously I think I got it to 15 and was only one back. I gave myself chances. I had a really good putt on the 15th hole; I thought I made it. It just lipped-out. That goes in, we're at 16-under, and giving myself chances coming down the stretch.

Overall, I hit the shots required coming down 17 and 18. Just didn't hit it quite close enough to make the birdies.

Q. The leaderboard was fluctuating a lot today, five tied for the lead at one point. How much were you keeping your eye on the leaderboard?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: The first time I looked at it was when we were on the 10th green. That was the first leaderboard I saw. I saw Lizette had got it to 15 and made birdie. I was within two, and I hit a really good wedge shot on No. 11 and missed that putt.

Today I stayed patient and can't let it get to me, and yesterday, I did let it get to me a little bit, so I'm really proud of that.

Q. Today, final group, playing with a 20-year-old Japanese girl. They call here the Smiling Cinderella. What do you make of her?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: She just played amazing, especially yesterday on the back nine, and today on the back nine, she took it on. I think when you're young, I remember being young like that, too, and you're fearless, and she still plays that way, which is how you've got to play. She just gets up and rips it. She did really great.

She drove it really good, and putting, she's an aggressive putter. I think that's why she made so many putts, as opposed where I was more dying the putts in. She missed them; she didn't scare about the one coming back. She had the 4-putt on No. 3, but she bounced back really good.

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