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August 3, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Q. Another very solid round of golf. How important was it to be aggressive and put yourself in a good position?
JIN YOUNG KO: I had a really great round today. I had a little loose put on the front nine, No. 2, birdie chance, but I had 3-putt. Next hole, I had great bounce back and I finished three under on the front nine. Also, back nine, I had great chip was No. 16, was happy. I'm looking forward for Sunday.

Q. How did the third hole change your mindset to bounce back like you did from the bogey on 2, to bounce back straightaway and how did that settle your nerves, your mind?
JIN YOUNG KO: I thought God is help me after No. 3. Then also, I had confidence with my caddie. He helped me a lot on the course, so it was good.

Q. You come here with great confidence after last week at the Evian, but to come here, as well, as world No. 1, had there been different pressures that you've had to handle this week?
JIN YOUNG KO: Not much. Just a little bit. I tried to focus on my game because I want to try -- I want to -- I don't want to try think about other things of No. 1 or have to win for this week, everything. So I just try my game.

Q. What will you do tonight, tomorrow, before trying to win your third major of this season?
JIN YOUNG KO: I have to be packing because tomorrow is my flight to Korea. I don't know, just try like rest and good food, eat, and then don't think about golf.

Q. Do you leave a little space in case you need to take something extra home?

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