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August 2, 2019

Jessica Pegula

Washington D.C.

J. PEGULA/L. Davis

6-2, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've had a good week. Can you describe the feeling of beating a tough opponent such as Lauren this afternoon? How does this bode for you going towards the US Open?
JESSICA PEGULA: Yeah, thanks. I'm really excited. It was a tough match out there today. It was hot. It was tough conditions. The match was really physical.

I've played Lauren before. I knew going in it was going to be physical. She always makes it physical. It's one of her, I would say, what she does best. She competes really well. Actually two years ago she beat me in the semis here. I needed a little revenge. I got it.

I'm excited going forward. Obviously looking forward for tomorrow, trying to rest up as much as I can. Glad I could keep it to two sets today, for sure.

Q. What has been the biggest transition for you finding the success in this tournament?
JESSICA PEGULA: I would definitely say I had a really good practice week coming in here, which I've learned for me, when I feel like I'm getting better every day, I'm working on stuff, that confidence kind of comes with that for sure.

I would say my movement has been really well this week. I'm feeling really healthy. I would just say my decision making and my attitude has been really good. Even last match, I was down a break in the second, a set and a break or something, and I came back and won. I think that gave me a lot of confidence to push through the second set today and come back from 1-4.

Q. What changed during the second set? In your mindset, what sort of happened to allow you to take the lead in the second set?
JESSICA PEGULA: Yeah, I think the first set was a lot closer than the score kind of told. I thought she came out playing really well. I was able to fight off a few games, just kind of stick in it, get away with that first set.

I think, again, the second set, I kind of hit a lull a little bit. I got a little tired, I would say. She is a fighter, so it was tough.

I thought I just tried to relax and refocus, change up the pace a little bit, make her think, make her play an extra ball, and focus on my serve and return, for sure.

Q. You've come from behind against Iga and now Lauren. How do you do that? How long have you been working with Michael Joyce?
JESSICA PEGULA: I'm with David Witt right now. I used to be with Michael a long time ago.

First match I played pretty well. Second round, yeah, I was up 5-2, up 5-4, 40-Love. I lost the set 7-5. I was not feeling well that day. Even when I was up 5-2, I was struggling.

Everyone is tough here, every match. I was able to just really fight through that match mentally and refocus.

Then today, again, I won the first set 6-2. I was down 4-1, but it was only one break. I knew if I could get it back, try to get through the second set, it would be a lot better than playing a third. That was a big motivation for me.

David, yeah, we just started literally like last week. It's just trialing. He's here. He was supposed to be here and Toronto. I'm not going to Toronto any more since I was qualifying. They pulled me out because I made the semis here, yeah. Starts tomorrow, I think, yeah.

Q. How did that trial kind of come about? Obviously he's worked with Venus for so long.
JESSICA PEGULA: Well, I finished my last coach after Wimbledon. I was with him, with Jesse Levine, for a few years. I did really well with him, it was great.

I don't know, I knew David from when I was with Michael actually. I think they grew up around the same time, era. They were always talking, hanging out. I knew him vaguely.

Actually a friend of mine who works for my family, also used to coach me when I was younger, again played junior tennis with him, kind of just threw his name out there. He said, Hey, do you want me to call him? I think he Facebook'd him or something. Do you want to come, Jess is looking for someone to help her out this week?

He came to Boca, where I'm from in Florida, for four days or so, helped me out. Then obviously we wanted to see how it would work at a tournament. So this is the first one.

Q. So far so good.
JESSICA PEGULA: So far so good. Can't complain.

Q. You're 25, but in this draw that's a veteran. You played doubles actually with Mcnally before?
JESSICA PEGULA: I have in the past.

Q. Did you see this breakthrough coming for her?
JESSICA PEGULA: Yeah, I mean, honestly I'm not surprised. She's a really good player. Her game is so good for how old she is.

I like to give myself a little credit. I think when she first started playing, we won an 80K challenger in Macon, Georgia, a doubles tournament together. Ever since then, she's been killing it in singles.

I would like to say I gave her a little confidence (laughter).

Q. I think the last time you and Lauren played here was the last time she beat you also. What's the key to preparing mentally for a player like her who gets balls back every time? What do you think is your number one thing you have to do to know you're going to beat her?
JESSICA PEGULA: Yeah, it probably is the last time she beat me.

She makes you play every ball, but she also plays really aggressive as well. Her backhand is unbelievable, the way she hits it and moves. Makes it really tough.

I would say definitely coming in when I can, then trying to play the right defensive shot when I'm on the defense. Getting the ball up high, throwing in a slice to get her off her rhythm.

Also I would say trying to attack her serve and put as much pressure on her probably is why the last few times I've beaten her compared to the past.

Q. You're part of kind of an up-and-coming group of American women, finding your way up the rankings. Can you describe your thoughts on the current state of U.S. women's tennis?
JESSICA PEGULA: Yeah, it's pretty incredible right now. I think the group of young girls, Anisimova, Caty, Coco, it's unbelievable what they're doing at such a young age. It's honestly crazy.

I feel like no one really thought that was going to happen again. All of a sudden this next wave of teenagers came in. They're getting to the semis of slams, all this stuff.

It's pretty cool to see, especially for Americans. Definitely I think pushes everyone, whether you're older or younger, to know it's possible and you can do it.

I just think girls are more confident now. They're going out there knowing they can win those matches instead of maybe being intimidated.

It's inspiring to see for me because I did pretty well when I was young, too. I got kind of injuries and stuff like that. You lose confidence, you lose a little belief in yourself. It's pretty cool to see.

I like practicing and playing doubles with them if I can. I think it's a good experience either way.

Thank you.

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