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August 2, 2019

Georgia Hall

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Q. Fantastic round of golf, two 69s, back-to-back, how much did you enjoy today?
GEORGIA HALL: Loved it. Had an early start so quick turnaround. Weather was really good and not much wind. Again, massive crowds.

Q. How much have you enjoyed being out there and being back on home soil?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I love it. It's great fun and I'm just trying to play well for all the guys out there, as well.

Q. You're certainly entertaining them well with shots like this on the 8th.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm quite confident on bunker shots green-side and I hit it where I wanted to, spun a bit right.

Q. We were chatting earlier in the week about how important putting was for you at Lytham, holing great birdie putts like this one. How confident are you feeling with the putter this week?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, these greens are pretty tough. As you can see that one turned a lot, 15-footer. I'm glad that one went in. I missed quite a few putts today. I hit my irons quite close.

Q. Can you talk me through anything you're working on technically at the moment with your coach?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, at address, my putter gets a little bit upright, so that's pretty much what I'm working on all together. My backswing can get a tad too long. But I'm in competition mode, so it's fine. But apart from that, just trying to make sure I follow all the way through. Sometimes I stop it quick or pull it left.

Q. When you're in competition mode, you're not thinking too many technical things?
GEORGIA HALL: Just my posture.

Q. How much of your performance this week is a result of coming home and playing in front of a home crowd, and how much is playing better golfer?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm playing better golf but it's awesome to be at home playing in England and having those people come out and support me.

Q. Are you able to draw upon the feelings and emotions of your experience last year?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I definitely have the same mentality I think, very confident, and I'm not really thinking about where not to hit it. Just try and get it close to the pin and hopefully hole some putts.

Q. You talk about the mentality. Does it change in a major championship in terms of how you try and prepare and attack a golf course?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's nice to have your own car and your own food here. I'm just really enjoying it.

Q. How much are you looking forward to the weekend?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I'm very excited, and hopefully even more people come out tomorrow.

Q. How much did you enjoy that today?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I loved it. Very early start and still so many people in the stands at the first, I couldn't believe it. It was so much fun. I'm really enjoying it.

Q. Some players would find that intimidating or off-putting. You seem to embrace the home crowd?
GEORGIA HALL: They are always behind you, and I know that, or they are always behind me. Even when I hole a three, 4-footer, they are always cheering and saying, "Come on, Georgia. "That really helps my confidence I think.

Q. The putting was a big part of your win last year and it's been very strong, birdie putts, but also some good par saves out there. Which gives you the most satisfaction at the moment?
GEORGIA HALL: I think consistency is really important. I'm trying to get more consistent this year. I think a good par save is always much more satisfying. Yeah, I missed some birdie putts out there but hopefully I can hole some more tomorrow.

Q. Spoke a lot in the buildup to this week about simplifying your golf. What's your mentality out there and how has that helped on the course?
GEORGIA HALL: The greens are quite soft so I'm trying to attack as many pins as I can and keep everything simple, my mentality, and just to make sure my posture is over all the ball at address.

Q. You have a nice rest this afternoon. Do you watch this afternoon?
GEORGIA HALL: I'm not sure. I don't think so. I think I'll just do some practice -- have some lunch, do some practice, relax and get ready for tomorrow.

Q. You know exactly what it takes to win this, very fresh in your mind. How much do you draw on last year's experience and being able to maintain four rounds of golf at the top?
GEORGIA HALL: Four rounds of golf is a very long time, especially mentally and being kind of your home tournament, it's a bit more. But yeah, I've got that experience, and the pressure I dealt with very good last year, so hopefully tomorrow when I go on the tee, I won't be that nervous.

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