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August 2, 2019

Ashleigh Buhai

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Q. You got it going particularly over the back nine. How comfortable did you feel out there?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: The front nine, I kind of just was really steady. Didn't hit many shots close. Birdied my second hole with a good wedge in there and hit a few good putts. Left them in the throat of the hole and then just stayed patient and then finally hit a few close on the back nine. Managed to make some birdies.

Q. Patience is always such a key, particularly in a major, but are you starting to get excited? Were you looking at the leaderboard and realising what you were doing out there?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: My goal going out today was to get it to double figures, 10-under or better. Once I got it to 8, 9 and 10(-under), I felt by more comfortable and was able to put my foot down. Managed to hit it really close on the 15th hole to like a tap-in birdie, and had a good shot into 16, tucked pin and then holed the putt. Probably about a 15-footer.

Q. Becomes a little bit more impressive that back nine when you realised how many bugs you had to deal with on the greens. I don't know what that was all about, but must have been a little bit off-putting when you're trying to make those putts.
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Especially when you clear it and they come back and they are back on your line. I don't know where they came from, maybe just later in the day, getting a little cooler, but it didn't affect any putts.

Q. Has you in fantastic position out in front on your own. What do you do now tonight? How do you mentally prepare yourself now for this weekend?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I think it helped going out later today, teeing off the 2.00. I think my routine will be the same. It's nice to be able to wake up on your own accord and have some breakfast. This morning, I just chilled out and got to the course two hours before and did my normal routine.

Q. Second round of the AIG Women's British Open, following up that 65 yesterday with a 67 today, how did the rounds compare?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I felt like my front nine was a little slower today. But I stayed patient. Birdied my first hole out. Had a few good chances. Hit good putts. I thought the greens were a little slower this afternoon, but turning 1-under, was still just ahead I think. Managed to hit a few close on the back nine and made some birdies coming in.

Q. You've only had one bogey this entire week so far. How are you feeling being in this position at the top of the leaderboard in a major championship?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I'm feeling good. I'm trying not to keep thinking it's a major; it's just another tournament. I'm really enjoying the way the golf course is playing. I think it helps that the conditions have just been so good and we haven't had to deal with too many elements. So I've just been very comfortable.

Q. What do you do or say to yourself in these situations if you get nervous or feel any pressure out there?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: It's kind of something I've been working on the last few weeks because I feel I've been under the gun, whether it be making the cuts, or having three good rounds or a bad round. My focus is just trying to keep my tension the same, whether I'm put or hitting and I feel that's something that you can control rather than thinking about how to hit the golf shot.

Q. How settling was that birdie on the second? When you got on the tee, did you feel nervous leading?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Surprisingly, I didn't. So far I felt really calm the whole week. I think it's because I feel like I've been building, building, and I just keep trying to do what I've done the last few weeks. I've kept the mistakes off the card the last two days.

So I hit a really good shot in on the second hole and holed about a 10-footer. I felt the pins were really tricky today. A lot of them, I felt they were all like on side slopes and I think I managed to hit them on the correct side of the slopes most of the day. I had uphill putts and the ones that I had to come over and over, back down to the hole, I judged the pace really well.

Q. And staying patient until the back nine with everyone closing in a little bit, how did you stay calm throughout? Not an unfamiliar position you've been in recently, but wondering how you're managing your nerves?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I just think I know what I'm doing at the moment is good. I played good on the front nine. Like I said, it's kind of difficult to get close to the flags. I hit a few wayward shots but I think it helps when my bad shots are still in play.

My approach now, we talk about hitting it into zones, green and yellow zones, and as long as your misses are still in the yellow, you're going to have a putt for par, 2-putt. That was really good on the greens, and the back nine I hit it close.

Q. Is your coach here with you?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: No, he's not.

Q. What's his name?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Doug Wood. He's back in South Africa.

Q. What club is he out of?

Q. Have you got any family here this week?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: I'm going to have coming on the weekend. I had friends coming from London today. My aunt lives in Bath, and some cousins are coming. It will be nice to have support, and there were a bunch of South Africans out there today. It was really cool.

Q. Do you have anyone here with you at the moment?
ASHLEIGH BUHAI: My husband, he's travelling. He caddies, as well, so we are always together.

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