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July 30, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

TOM BENBOW: I think we're going to get started. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rolex Series ranking No. 1 Jin Young Ko to the AIG Women's British Open Media Centre.

We've got to go straight into it. You won last week at Evian, your second major of the year. How does it feel to be here?

JIN YOUNG KO: Always happy to be here, and then I won last week. It was really great experience to me. So I'm looking forward to this week.

TOM BENBOW: This is actually your third appearance in this tournament. You missed the cut last year, but you came second in 2015. How much of that can you remember? I know it was on a links course, but how did that prepare you for this week.

JIN YOUNG KO: I can't remember everything in 2015 at Turnberry, like especially No. 16. Then I missed the cut last year. Last year, my body was not good. Hopefully getting better for this year, and I will do my best.

TOM BENBOW: What has been the key to your success this year?

JIN YOUNG KO: I don't know, just my game is a big change than last year. Last year was driver distance a little short, and then iron shot is pretty good, but putting or short game was not good. But this year is really good. That's why I'm playing really good.

TOM BENBOW: What do you put that down to, the extra chance? Chipping? Putting? Is it a new coach? Is it anything in particular?

JIN YOUNG KO: Actually, I got new short game coach, and then I had mentally trainer, yeah. I think that's it.

TOM BENBOW: Just before I came in here, I read that you cried at ANA, and you smiled when you won Evian. If you were to win this week, what would you do?

JIN YOUNG KO: Smile again.

TOM BENBOW: Smile again, okay.

Q. Having just won a major, is that a good thing this week, in that you have confidence and momentum, or is it tough because it takes so much to win one major?
JIN YOUNG KO: I think pretty good, because my feeling is like don't have on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, feel like straight four days. So total eight days. Like major, my feeling is like, major, but straight eight days.

So I will keep being my same feeling or my mental feeling. I think it is good.

Q. What did you do yesterday to relax?
JIN YOUNG KO: I arrived yesterday night. So on Sunday night, I had a couple beers with manager and then caddie at the Hilton. But I finished too late, 9.30. So I didn't have much time. I need to sleep, caddie and manager, too. So a couple beers and a cheeseburger.

Q. So when did you arrive here then?
JIN YOUNG KO: Last night. Yesterday.

Q. And you played this morning?

Q. You haven't seen the course yet?

Q. Okay. Not very many players have won three majors in the same year. Have you thought what it would be like for that to happen, and did you think that was something that was possible?
JIN YOUNG KO: It is possible, because especially majors, straight two wins, or three wins of the year, is really tough. I have a chance this week, and I will do my best with the rain.

Q. You had very little practice at Turnberry ahead of doing so well. It sounds like you won't have too much course experience here. Are you a golfer that's not afraid of playing a course without lots of experience of playing it?
JIN YOUNG KO: I'm always not afraid, everything. So my caddies walked the course this morning, so he said the fairways look narrow and many trees. So a little bit many doglegs, so you need straight tee shot and then a little bit make the iron shot, and still keeping to your putting feeling. Yeah, I'm not afraid.

Q. I remember that you had Jeff Brighton on the bag at Turnberry, and you said he tells where you to hit and you hit. Has that remained the same policy with other caddies?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I did last week, too.

Q. With the Tokyo Olympics coming up less than a year now, and you have a great chance of competing in it, what is your thoughts at playing in the Olympics?
JIN YOUNG KO: I'm excited. I'm excited if I might play in the Tokyo Olympics, because Korean players -- Koreans, it's really important, the Olympics, like Gold Medal, Silver, everything. So I want to play in Tokyo and then I will try to pass until next year.

Q. Do you have a fan club back in Korea and what's the name of your fan club?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yes. The KoKos.

Q. I imagine it has grown a lot this year. How many members do you have?
JIN YOUNG KO: I don't know, but it's not more than Sung-Hyun Park.

Q. Can I just ask about your caddie, Dave Brooker, who has caddied for the best in the game, of course Lorena Ochoa and Grace Park, what does he say to you to get the best out of you on the golf course? How does he keep you in line?
JIN YOUNG KO: He try don't talk about golf on the course. Just talk about my friend or Dave Brooker daughter or like other players. I don't want to talk about golf anymore on the course. My fan people is smaller than Sung-Hyun. Sung-Hyun is more bigger.

Q. Your dad is a boxer?

Q. What advice has he given to you, because as an only child, what did you learn off him, being a professional golfer?
JIN YOUNG KO: I did always jumping rope with dad. Like minimum 30 minutes, maximum one hour, yeah, always. When I was ten years old, 11, I did always with the father, and then we did competition.

Q. You've mentioned that you've changed your coach, your swing coach, and your mental coach. Can you tell us who you work with?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, I working with same coach almost two years. His name is He-Woo Lee (pg) and mental coach name is Jiyang Jeong (ph).

Q. When Inbee Park won three majors in a row, were you following that? Were you aware of it? What kind of impression did it make on you?
JIN YOUNG KO: If I win again for this week, it is really great honor to my family, and then I don't know, Inbee, she did. So if I win for this week, it's the second player as Korean, it would be a great honor.

Q. Do you remember Inbee winning Turnberry?
JIN YOUNG KO: I didn't see.

Q. What's been the most important thing that you've learned from Gareth Raflewski with your short game?
JIN YOUNG KO: I changed a lot last year, last winter season after CME. I stayed two weeks more with Gareth, and then my parents. So I fixed everything, putting, setup, chipping setup, bunker, everything. So I tried, yeah, getting better, with the short game coach and mental, swing coach. My short game is getting better than last year.

Q. Did you see that Brooks won on the same day that you did?
JIN YOUNG KO: I saw it, yeah.

TOM BENBOW: And he's your favourite player, right?


TOM BENBOW: What do you look about Brooks Koepka?

JIN YOUNG KO: Everything. (Laughter).

TOM BENBOW: Do you think he's as good at skipping?


Q. At the beginning of the year, you putted mostly with the flagstick in the hole. Last week at Evian, I saw you put the flagstick out a little bit more. What are you going to do this week?
JIN YOUNG KO: If windy, lots of windy, I will take off.

Q. On short putts? Two foot putts?
JIN YOUNG KO: Depends on my feeling.

Q. You had two majors, how do you concentrate for tough and long days?
JIN YOUNG KO: I'm always thinking about, I'm not robot, I'm human, especially on the course. So if missed a shot, I can do because I'm human, so just accept, and think how can I do extra shot. Like how can I make a par, and then better, how can I make birdie.

TOM BENBOW: Thanks very much for joining us today and best of luck this week.

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