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July 28, 2019

Denny Hamlin

Long Pond, Pennsylvania

Q. Denny, you have the headphones on. Congratulations once again. That's win number five. Is this momentum that you were looking for as we're getting closer to the Playoffs?
DENNY HAMLIN: You just want to know that you're a race winner. You want to know that you can contend for wins.
Yeah, you're looking for momentum, but you're just looking for wins week in, week out. So proud of this FedEx Ground team for giving us yet another winner two weeks in a row.
I tell you, we really fought for it last week and came up short. Feel goods to redeem ourselves this week and have such a strong car. Everyone behind there, we were able to make up positions on the 19 and 20.
Thank all the partners, FedEx, Toyota, Coke, Jordan, Little Big Burger. Have to say hi to Jordan and the kids back home, Taylor, Molly. Miss everyone. Wish everyone was here to celebrate.

Q. Take me back, you don't have to be coy any more, when you were behind the 20 and the 19, a fuel mileage run to the finish, how much were you saving and how much were you trying to pass your teammates with 25 to go?
DENNY HAMLIN: A little bit of both. I was in fuel save mode and still trying to get around those guys. Once I knew I got around them, then I really went into conservation mode instead of stretching the lead out there.
A little bit of both. I knew the 20, he passed me on pit lane somehow. We actually dropped the car after that pit stop and packed it full of fuel with the car level just to get a little bit more gas. The 20, I don't think he did that. I knew he was shorter on gas than us.
I knew I was kind of racing the 19 there, if no caution comes out. I got the opportunity on the outside of turn three. Thank Pocono for the PJ1. Obviously, it could be hedged a little bit lower. They at least gave us a second lane to race in today that we hadn't had before.

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