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July 28, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. Alongside the winner of the Evian Championship, second major of the season, Jin Young Ko. Coming into Sunday, I saw you this morning in the hotel lobby watching videos as relaxed as could be. What keeps you so steady on Sundays at majors?
JIN YOUNG KO: Actually I saw like Bible something on the church. My friends send to me this morning. In Korea it's Sunday too, so I saw, and then I little cried. And then glory to God today.

Thanks for a lot of fans and then volunteers this week. I had really great time. Also I'm looking forward next year at Evian.

Q. On the 18th green you had a little bit of time to look around and see all the fans around you. What were you thinking about when you were looking around?
JIN YOUNG KO: My caddie said, Enjoy your time on the bridge, so I will try look around of my fans. I will miss about that moment, so I was really happy.

Q. You're returning to the world's No. 1 spot for the second time in your career. What's the most important lesson you learned the first time you were No. 1?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, hopefully getting better, like playing better. I will always find about motivation of my golf on the course. Hopefully getting better.

Q. Two major victories this year; first time it's happened on the LPGA Tour since 2015 by Inbee Park. What does that accomplishment mean to you?
JIN YOUNG KO: It's a really great honor to second major win of the year. Really I can't believe about how can I? Oh, my God. Looking forward next week, so thank you.

Q. After the ANA Inspiration you mentioned how proud your grandfather was of you. What do you think he's thinking of you right now?
JIN YOUNG KO: I don't think. I will cry. He will be like smiling face, little cry. My parents too.

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