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July 27, 2019

George McNeill

Reno, Nevada

Q. Pretty impressive second round there, 16 points, especially with all the waiting yesterday. Just talk about that a little bit and how unsettling that might have been.
GEORGE MCNEILL: It's unfortunate. We don't really expect that here. And I think somebody was talking about it. They said they had four delays in the history of this event here but they always finished the round. So the fact we've gone two days in a row without finishing a round, obviously the forecast is much better for the weekend so we'll look forward to that. But starting and stopping is never easy. I've had issues with my back and shoulders and everything else trying to get going again at least it wasn't starting stopping the same day those are really tough. So go home and kind of reset but I know I've got to play a lot of golf today. So we'll just take it as it goes.

Q. Pretty satisfying to shoot that score given the start that you had with three bogeys. Just what changed for you a little bit?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Yeah, the first day I started off I've never made the cut here. I've always not played well. Mountain golf has always kind of screwed me. So, yeah, starting the first round yesterday I bogeyed the first three holes, I go here we go again. So I don't know I just kind of started just freewheeling it almost. Just kind of trying to get out of my own way and my caddie is helping me out a lot this week with numbers and saying all right it's going to play this far and stuff like that. So that's helped. And also reading the greens. Reading greens is tough for me out here, this mountain golf. Slopes going one way, the mountain going the other. But again we seem to be managing it so far.

Q. It's almost like when you see sports people and they sort of stop caring because it's almost to the point it sounds like that kind of happened. Is that the kind of attitude you hope to take now into the weekend or you just keep doing that?
GEORGE MCNEILL: That's what I've been doing after the -- it's not that I was caring a lot. And I'm always caring. You know, obviously we're out here, I don't want to embarrass myself. My buddies at home would hammer me. But I still want to play well and give it a try. But it's kind of like I said just almost get out of your own way, just let, be an athlete and let talent take over and quit thinking. So that's again what I'm trying to do.

Q. I know you haven't managed to have many starts. You took advantage in Puntacana, took top 10 there, looking to improve there in the end of the season here?
GEORGE MCNEILL: Unless I top 10 this week, this is my last start of the season. So my goal coming into this week, I had to look up how many points I needed to get inside the top 200 for the Korn Ferry Finals. That was my goal. It's still my goal. If I can improve on that, that would be great, but it's really, I'm trying to keep it simple and not overthink the same with the golf course, not overthink it too much. If it happens, great. If it doesn't, it's fine. I'm fine where I'm at. And I'll get limited amount of starts if I don't make it to the finals for next year just like I had this year. So I'll just take it as it comes.

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