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July 27, 2019

Ken Duke

Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Q. Ken, how good a 70 was that considering the conditions?
KEN DUKE: I asked my caddie on the first hole, I hope we play lift, clean and place, which that's a joke around here, right. The first six or eight holes was pretty nasty, and the last four or five was pretty nasty, as well. That's when you expect when you come over here and you just have to buckle up.

Q. You had to show a lot of patience today, did you?
KEN DUKE: That's what this game is about, on a good day and a bad day, you've got to have some patience. I got a call from Mr. Toski last night, my teacher, and that's what he told me. You have to have some patience.

So we worked hard on that today. We hit some good shots. We hit good bad shots but we fought through the day and have a chance tomorrow. That's the main thing.

Q. Conditions will be similar tomorrow, as well. Will that suit your game?
KEN DUKE: Don't tell me that -- no, like I said, you're going to expect it over here, and we'll see what happens and see how bad it is.

Q. It's a tight leaderboard and you're only two shots off the lead. Nice to be in contention?
KEN DUKE: Very nice to be in contention. I've had a pretty good year so far. Just been working hard and trying to get in contention, and that's what we try to do out here is to do our best and see what we can do after that.

Q. What attitude do you bring to the golf course tomorrow as a chaser?
KEN DUKE: I'm always a chaser. It's a patient game on this golf course. I mean, obviously today some of those guys, Woody and Paul, shot really well, which you can get that out here. But you can go the other way quickly just as easy.

We've done this enough, 26 years for me. We've done it enough. It's part of the territory. So we're just going to try to have fun and thankful for being here at Lytham. Never been here before.

Q. What do you feel like you've been doing well, not only today, but this week, to put yourself in this position?
KEN DUKE: Miss it in the right spots. I'm driving it well. Holing a few putts which you have to do, and patience, you have to have that. This place, with all these bunkers, it will drive you nuts for sure.

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