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July 27, 2019

Jennifer Kupcho

Evian-les-Bains, France

Q. So that was a pretty nice day out on the golf course.

Q. What were your expectations coming into the week? Right now you're just a couple strokes off the lead.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, coming in I just wanted to come out and play well. I came off a couple good weeks. Missed the cut last week but I was hitting the ball well.

So just coming in, just go with my major mindset knowing how different from regular LPGA events, and come out and play my game.

Q. I know you played Palmer Cup here. That's your only experience on this golf course. Is that helping you? While it certainly is an event here, it's not a major.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: Yeah, I would definitely say it helped. I mean, playing with boys, like obviously I see where they hit it, see where not to hit it.

It was great. It was a lot of fun. Definitely playing on these greens you got to -- like just playing on them definitely helps to see them before you come.

Q. Is that a Curtis Cup belt or a Palmer Cup belt?

Q. We're on a theme here. You're tied for the low American right now with Megan Khang. This is I know outside-of-the-box thing, but did you think about the Solheim Cup at all?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: No. It hasn't really crossed my mind just because realistically it's not a thing that's going to happen this year. Unless I go win a couple events I don't think there is any chance.

I'm just going out there and playing and trying to get my card back. That's all I'm doing right now.

Q. Get your card back?

Q. Think you're in pretty good shape so far. The eagle, what did you hit in?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I hit 3-wood in.

Q. How far were you?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I was 222. Hit 3-wood in and it like landed and stopped like a foot from where it landed on the green, and then I made the putt. Yeah, it was pretty cool. It was great.

Q. Were you leaderboard watching at all throughout the day?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I mean, obviously I look to see where I am and how everyone is playing. But, I mean, I knew they were going low. That's what have to do to win.

Q. Are you used to that now?

Q. What was it like playing with Jin Young and Chella today? Lots of experience out there.
JENNIFER KUPCHO: It was good. Jin Young was really nice. I mean, it was a good round. We had fun.

Q. When you play with players like that, do you watch them at all to see what they're doing or stick to your own game and learn as you go?
JENNIFER KUPCHO: I think with them, they just have a little bit of a different mindset than what I would play. They don't hit it quite as far as me, so while you can say that, oh, yeah, their short game and wedges are really good, I don't always have wedges in.

It's a little bit different.

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