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July 26, 2019

Wes Short

Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Q. You got off to a good start today with three birdies in the first five holes?
WES SHORT: Yes, I got off to a great start, and then hit actually a pretty good shot on the -- I guess the sixth hole, and got one of those bunkers and had a little trouble there.

Then hit a very poor tee ball on the next hole and made another 6, and then birdied the last on the front, No. 9, and then -- no, I didn't. I birdied 10. I can't remember it all. But I suppose but I suppose if you go into bunkers here you will be penalised here.

They are a true penalty, and it's -- you need to avoid them. I've been only in a few, but that was the bad one. So I need to make sure I don't get in any of those.

Q. I suppose you like the links golf course here?
WES SHORT: Yes, I like it. It makes you think. I played a lot of different shots off the tee and tried to avoid the bunkers and had a really nice birdieing the last three.

Q. Birdieing the last three holes that must give you a lot of confidence going into the weekend?
WES SHORT: Yes, I hit some really good shots, too, coming in and I made the putt, so I feel my iron game is really good. I still need to drive it just a little better but trying to keep it out of the bunkers, I'll be all right.

Q. How do you feel for tomorrow, you're in the last group leading, you can have a good night's sleep tonight and you're not going to tee off until 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon?
WES SHORT: Yeah, preview for today, what time we're going to tee off tomorrow. That helped out a lot, too, I think.

Q. Weather conditions, could be a bit wet over the weekend, might be different conditions?
WES SHORT: Yes, that's what they are calling for. I had not looked at the wind but the rain is supposed to definitely come. We'll just have to bring our wet suit and I guess hopefully there will be no lightning so we can play.

Q. Have you been leading in a major before?
WES SHORT: No, I have not. This will be the first one, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Looking forward to playing with Scott?
WES SHORT: Yes, I like Scott. We play quite a few -- he has not played as much this year because he's been injured but yes, I've played with him quite a bit.

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