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July 24, 2019

Miguel Angel Jimenez

Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Q. Must be so nice to come back here as defending champion?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Yeah, it's very nice. Coming here, Royal Lytham and St. Annes. It's one much the finest links, great golf course, super. Played very well all the course of the life and depending on the wind, you're going to have very tough holes. All the bunkers are in play. They are deep bunkers. It's in super conditions. I like it very much and coming here, defending my title I won in St. Andrews last year, and I will do my best to defend the best I can.

Q. And to win in St. Andrews last year against the best field ever, at the Home of Golf, that was very special. Would you say that was one of your best wins?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, it's a very nice win. It's one of the best obviously. Winning a major, winning St. Andrews, it's what every people want to do. I won in St. Andrews in the Senior Open, it was amazing, amazing, yeah.

Q. And you've got a good record here.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: I like very much this golf course. I played very well here, the times I played here at The Open and I hope to continue the same this week.

Q. Is there a key to have a good round this week, to hit the fairways?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Very important, of course, because the golf course has some very long holes and you need to be in the fairway. You want to reach the fairways, you know. All the clubs in the bag are very important. I start with the driver, because it's the first club you have to hit on every hole and you have to stay away from the bunkers, and that's the key, one of the keys.

Q. You're well-known as a straight hitter. Do you want it to get a bit more windy?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Well, I like for the amount of wind the same for everyone. You know, it can be variable, the wind, in the morning and in the afternoon; the strength what happens on links sometimes. I don't mind to play with the wind, but with the same amount for everybody.

Q. And this week, we have a lot of players making their debut in the Senior Open. It's a very strong field, isn't it?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Yeah, you can see Retief Goosen, myself, a lot of people, very interesting, yeah.

Q. And how is your form? You've been practising hard the last few days?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Yeah, playing well. Hitting it good. Happy the way I hit it. The thing you need, it's within focus and that gives yourself in a great mood, that's the main thing.

Q. So you're looking forward to this week?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the start of the tournament, yeah.

Q. You played Portrush last week, obviously a reward for winning the Senior Open last year. How was that in terms of preparation for this week?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Always very nice preparation when you play on this course. Portrush was an amazing links. I never played that before and I think it's a beautiful links, one of the finest we play.

It's tough. Especially because you need to putt the ball on the fairways. For example, last week, my first round, I did it my 70, I hit only three fairways in 18 holes and it's impossible to score on that course, on the links, there's all these escapes and things and very tough to recover. My game, I didn't hit it well in the first round as we know, but the golf course was amazing, yeah, beautiful course.

Q. You were part of quite a special moment for one player on the 18th hole on Friday. What was it like sort of seeing a player go through those emotions, playing with Tom Lehman in his last Open Championship.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: It was nice. Not too much public around, and it probably would be nice if more people, but it's nice to see him and nice for him for his last tournament. He had a very nice career. He won The Open, actually. He won The Open here in '96. Well, it's time, time goes by and things go fast, out.

Q. When you say time goes by, does that maybe make you appreciate tournaments like these a bit more?
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: I always appreciate to play golf. I still play on the regular tour, but now mainly on the Champions Tour, and coming to play The Open, I still feel competitive. To me, I still like to do what I do many my life.

Q. Last week, very special, 700 events on the European Tour, and you're still going.
MIGUEL ANGEL JIMÉNEZ: Yeah, I'm still going. I will try to make the record, 706, and I'm going to reach 707, and then after that, I will decide. Depends how I feel and how my game is to compete on the regular tour, or just stay 100 percent on the Champions Tour.

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