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July 21, 2019

Cameron Smith

Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Q. Pretty brutal out there?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, it was probably something I haven't experienced for a while. It was just brutal, yeah. That's all it was. Seemed like you couldn't control your ball no matter how good a strike you had or how good you thought your read was, it was just everywhere.

Q. Are you satisfied that you held on, relatively speaking, and still finished under par?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, it would have been nice throughout the week to hole a few more putts and be right up there. But it is what it is.

Q. The Presidents Cup is now back in your own hands, you should be back in the top eight. Is that something you wanted to do to make it this year?
CAMERON SMITH: Absolutely. Yeah, that was one of my goal this year. That was one of my top things. Obviously I had a good run there when I started taking the rankings and kind of fell out through the middle there, but my game is coming back around.

Q. Talked to Ernie?
CAMERON SMITH: We played -- Mark and I actually played with Ernie at the Memorial Tournament. Yeah, I mean, we have and we haven't. I know Ernie actually not too bad. We just kind of have a general chat. Not much about golf.

Q. What do you take out of this championship as a whole?
CAMERON SMITH: You never know what golf can throw at you, I think. Sometimes you've just got to hang in there even though it's going the wrong way. I actually made a few good bogeys coming in.

Yeah, it is what it is.

Q. What's the toughest hole out there?
CAMERON SMITH: Probably 17 today I think was probably going to be the hardest one. I'm not sure -- but for us, the hole kind of goes -- once you draw it then it's virtually impossible to do with a 30k wind or whatever it was. Yeah, I think that was tough.

Q. Talk about the double bogey.
CAMERON SMITH: They probably thought I took an unplayable, when I didn't. It was embedded.

Q. You felt like you weren't playing your best. If you had this score at the start of the week would you have taken it?
CAMERON SMITH: Not that I'm kind of happy but given my results in the past at this tournament, being right up there on the weekend is definitely a good thing. Yeah, like I said I think my game is kind of getting back to where it needs to be. Hopefully the next week in Memphis a little bit of stress off. Hopefully I can go there and play to what I did this week and the putts can drop.

Q. Does it mean a lot to you to put in a good showing in this championship?
CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, this is probably my favourite one to watch growing up. Not knowing how brutal it could be over here. But any tournament, regardless of what it is, to show up and give it a pretty good track there. Yeah, it's just all learning.

Q. You've got Memphis this week. Do you have any time off?
CAMERON SMITH: I think I'm going to play Memphis and then I think I'm going to play Wyndham as well. I'll keep playing until I get knocked out. We'll see what happens.

Q. What do you think a 15-handicap would shoot out there today?
CAMERON SMITH: Today? I don't think they'd finish, to be honest.

Q. When do you think you'll be back in Australia and play next?
CAMERON SMITH: I'll be down for the Australian Open. But I might actually go home sooner and just have a little bit of a holiday, catch up with family and stuff.

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