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July 21, 2019

Erik Jones

Loudon, New Hampshire

Q. What a day for Erik Jones. It's hard to recap everything from the speeding penalty and then getting contact on pit road and then what you thought was a penalty on that last stop that wasn't a penalty. Are you amazed all of that you wind up third?
ERIK JONES: Yeah, it was kind of a sloppy day in my opinion, but it was a good day. Got good stage points in the first stage and finished well at the end. But the Stanley Camry was good. All day I felt like we were close, we just needed to get up front and never quite did it and never quite got the lead, but we were there.
Again, up in the top 5 you can't complain, and especially with the points we gained today, it's good. We can definitely get more aggressive with that gap. We're getting close there to having almost a race on them; if we can have a couple more good weeks we'll be there. Pocono is a good one. We'll keep doing it, but today was definitely testament I think to our speed and this team. We keep fighting through it. We never gave up. We did what we needed to do, fixed the damage when we needed to and got a good finish out of it.

Q. To be sitting 28th considering where you are or came in 28, above the cut line, how much comfort does that give you in the final six races of the regular season?
ERIK JONES: It feels better than two points for sure. You know, it's getting there. I wish we had a little bit more, and hopefully just get a win here and not have to worry about it. We're close and we keep finishing up here in the top 3, it's going to happen. We're going to get there. Just got to keep doing it, and definitely feels ‑‑ I'm going to sleep a lot easier this week with this gap than what we had last week.

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