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July 20, 2019

Justin Rose

Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Q. Your thoughts on today.
JUSTIN ROSE: I think I got just about enough out of the day that I needed to to sort of stay in contention going into tomorrow.

For me, I turned in even par, which is probably a couple more than I wanted. We really put a good run in together there on the early part of the back nine. Made eagle on 12, birdied 13, 15. Obviously dropped one coming in, which is a shame because I made a mental target of getting to 10-under. The reason I wanted to get to 10, I never thought that I'd be leading, maybe even 4 back. I thought someone would get to 14 as well.

But the most important thing about getting to where I felt 10-under par was is it wouldn't put too many guys ahead of me going into tomorrow. If I do play a great round of golf in tough weather, you don't have to run through a whole bunch of guys, you've got one or two guys to chase. You just never know what kind of day they may or may not have in a tough weather day.

Q. Talk about the weather. How do you mentally prepare?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think in my situation you almost need it. It offers you a little bit more hope than if it was a benign day. If it was a benign day, probably shoot of 63 tomorrow. Who knows what it might take, it might take 63.

The thing is with Shane, I'm just projecting Shane is going to have a decent finish here, he's got great short game, that will stand him in good stead on a tough weather day, he's Irish. If there is a tough-weather-day player, it probably is him. It doesn't make it easy trying to win a major in conditions like that.

We'll see. Great chance tomorrow. And I'm going to go out and just try and relish it, I suppose.

Q. You've said it before, when Shane is playing as well as he is, is so far ahead, got to look at that one.
JUSTIN ROSE: You've got to look at it as a plus. I've always looked at it as, whenever some guy's stretch the lead, I've always said, Where's second place? Because you've always got to say, What is the leader going to do? You never know what the leader is going to do. You've always got to look at where the chasing pack is and stay relevant to them. If a guy goes ahead and continues to play great and the wind is going away, and you tip your hat and say, Well done.

But, yeah, I've always just tried to position myself that you have as many options as possible. Obviously it was a fight for me to get in at 9 to give myself the opportunity going into tomorrow. So that's all I can be happy for at this stage.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: A lot closer, it's not always direction. Going exactly where I wanted with my irons but I drove the ball way better today. Brooks is a good litmus test for me, playing with him. I drove it right up next to him all day, which is great to see. I drove it much straighter today. The thump is back with the irons.

Just got to maybe iron out a couple of little things. But I'm way closer and I'm excited.

Q. Great on the last.
JUSTIN ROSE: To not up and down at 17 from 50, 60, yards. Obviously 16 I had a chance to make par there. The up-and-down on 18 was key, just in terms of making the day feel valuable and dinner taste good and all that good stuff.

Q. This is a links course you have to play from the air. Does that make it difficult with the weather tomorrow?
JUSTIN ROSE: I spoke to Darren Clarke about this and he disagreed. Rory said you play through the air and Darren says you can play on the ground, too.

So we'll see tomorrow. I think you are going to have to play along the ground, especially if you're in the rough off a tee. There might be certain situation it might be harder to hit fairways. Tomorrow there could be situations if you have half a lie out of some sort of stuff, that you're going to have to figure out a route into the green.

And actually, Lordie, my caddie, put a lot of hard work. He actually walked the course on Monday from the rough and tried to get an idea of when you're out of position how to approach each green. So hopefully I won't need it.

But, yeah. So we'll see. But who knows what to expect tomorrow. The weather has been somewhat unpredictable this week. And we'll have to wait and see tomorrow.

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