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July 20, 2019

Robert MacIntyre

Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Q. You birdied 17, didn't you?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: Level par today. I holed a few good ones, as in 8-footers, but other than that it was the same story.

Q. Another good experience with Justin Thomas?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: No, it was good. A good guy. He made you feel welcome out there. And that was good.

Q. You've had all good partners so far.
ROBERT MacINTYRE: The last two weeks have been about, I don't know, an experience, you can put it that way. And to play with the top guys, it's been good to learn from them.

Q. It's two tough weeks mentally and physically?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I'm just getting down on myself. I feel I'm hitting the ball good. Today I had a few slacker shots than the last few. But overall I feel like I'm hitting it good.

I need to start getting the belief back in the putting.

Q. Talk about tomorrow.
ROBERT MacINTYRE: The leaderboard is tight. You have to shoot a good number.

Q. Anything about the putting, the pace, the mind?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: No, just the short putting. The pace putting is as good as it's been in a long time. Just can't seem to get the wee ball in the hole. But these things happen, you get weeks like this, and I'll go again.

Q. You've obviously seen the stuff last night. Have you been surprised with the scale of the reaction?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I don't like (inaudible). It's just my opinion.

Q. He hasn't actually said sorry, at all?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: I don't know, I've not heard anything. I've just said my piece and that's...

Q. Overall it must be very, very enjoyable?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: So far it's been unbelievable, the crowd on the first tee, it's been something. Even the Scottish Open last week there was a loud crowd. I think this one's topped it for the noise, noise level.

But, no, it's been -- the experience of golf in my first Open is something I can never forget. And hopefully I can get many more of them.

Q. Obviously they're hoping that they will come back here.
ROBERT MacINTYRE: That's as good a venue for an Open as I can -- I've seen, really. It's pretty special. I loved the golf course before I even came here from playing it previous years. No, it's certainly lived up to what I was hoping for.

Q. Did you take that stuff yesterday to bed? Did you think that was it and you moved on?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, that was that. I said my piece. I'd done what I felt like I had to do. And there's nothing else really I can do. It's not up to me, I've done my piece.

You learn from everything. There's a lot of things that happen out on the golf course that you just learn from. Like today Justin's ball got moved. The marshal stood too close to the ball and it rolls off. There was about panic first gone on. You learn from things, and these things happen.

Q. Did you talk to Justin?
ROBERT MacINTYRE: Yeah, he was chatting. But again, he's at work, so I don't try and kind of get too close to him. I'm doing my thing, he's doing his, and if he wants to chat down the fairway, he'll chat. And if not, we're good.

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