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July 19, 2019

Preston Summerhays

Toledo, Ohio

Q. So you found yourself in a little bit of trouble down three after you birdie the 11th. What turned it around for you?
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: I would say just staying patient. I didn't really panic too much. I mean, coming into this week my dad said, If you get a couple down it's kind of just golf. People have their highs and lows in rounds. He just made two great 15 foot sliders and I was thinking, People are human. They'll make mistakes.

So I just stayed patient.

Q. And then obviously you won 12 with par but birdied the par-5, 13. How did you do that?
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: So I hit a great drive left edge of the fairway, and then I didn't have the best lie. I kind of knew that short was good to that pin because that green is super sloped back to front.

So I left that a little short. Left that maybe five to ten paces short. It's cool. This course the fringe is so tight it's basically like you're putting on greens, so I just putted it. It was maybe a 60-foot putt, just putted it, tap-in.

Q. Won a bunch of holes with pars towards the end there. Any of those pars stand out as pivotal?
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: 17 was huge. I hit it in the rough off my tee ball, and it wasn't a great lie. Got it right in front of the greenside bunker. Hit that about ten feet behind the hole, which was not great.

I made a downhill slider coming back, and I think that kind of sealed it.

Q. Last year you played in the U.S. Amateur and you've done well in your State Amateur the last two years. How did that prepare you for playing this week?
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: Just every match play event I've gained experience. I think it's just, yeah, those events gained experience, and it's kind of showed me just kind of what my game needs to be like for match play.

Q. Do you prefer stroke play versus match play or how do you view it?
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: I mean, I wouldn't say -- I like them both. They're both golf.

Q. How are they different?
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: I feel like match play is a lot more pressure. It's a lot more strategic because you're not playing the course; you're kind of playing your opponent.

Q. Right.
PRESTON SUMMERHAYS: So I think it's cool that way. And then every shot if you can put a little pressure, you never know what can happen.

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