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July 18, 2019

Deven Ramachandran

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Deven, good playing today. You got on top of him early. How did you do it?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: I just kept taking the same strategy I've been doing all week with match play. Just try to see their shots, put it inside of them, and when I have the honor, just really keep the pressure on them.

I've found early leads in all three of my matches so far, and it's really helped me stabilize and cool off instead of kind of falling behind and getting too worried.

Q. And then you were 2-up and then birdied 8 and 10. 8, the par-5, how did you do that?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: 8 was a good hole. My opponent, he went right into the rough, chipped out, and then ended up sticking a 3-wood inside ten feet.

I knew I had to match him, but I just laid up and hit a really good wedge shot in there and struck another good putt. Before the rain delay I really had some good putts going.

Q. How long was the yardage on your wedge?

Q. And how long was the putt then?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: It was about seven feet. A little uphill right to left. Just solid stroke. Put it in the heart.

Q. And then 10, the par-4, you made another birdie.
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: 10 was really good. So I been struggling with that hole all week. I been hitting 4- or 3-iron off the tee and generally putting it in the rough.

Today I decided to hit driver and got down there inside 40 yards and then chipped it inside two feet, and that was a much better play for me. Good couple confident swings on it.

Q. He came back at you on the backside. What was the mental standpoint when your lead kind of got cut in half there?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: So for me it was difficult with the rain delay. I was 4-up after the rain delay winning 10 and then making a good par on 11.

Then after that, my swing got a little loose. Missed all the fairways coming in except for 16, and he was able to string together a few good shots and really just best me on a few holes.

Q. Then you close the him out on 16. How did you do that?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: I did. Really consistent on 16. Went fairway, green, two-putt. He went into the right rough, and it's a really difficult up and down from there.

I really just tried to play conservatively coming in, forcing him to beat me in order to move on.

Q. Are you surprised that you're in the quarterfinals or did you expect to be here?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: I wouldn't say surprised. I knew -- last year I came and missed the cut at Baltusrol. This year I knew if I got in match play, that's what I do at home. I play a lot against friends in match play all the time, and I feel really confident in that format.

I really like the way my game was playing, especially during my first match. I just kind of rolled with that and played pretty gritty the two rounds to get around and move up.

Q. Do you think that having that year of playing in college has helped you in this championship this year?
DEVEN RAMACHANDRAN: Oh, absolutely. I think the year in college is huge. First, it gives me a little more confidence just knowing I have age on a lot of the competitors, or at least golf experience having played in college.

But secondly, my temperament has completely changed since last year. Used to be really easy to get down on myself and string together bogeys, but I've been working on that a lot with the help of my coaches and my team. I think that's really paying off and showing dividends this summer.

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