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March 8, 2002

J.J. Henry


Q. Where were you when you picked up today?

J.J. HENRY: I was on the fourth hole. I had about a 100-yard shot on the fourth hole and really set the tone. I hit a wedge shot in there about four feet from the hole to really kind of get me going this morning. I played great. Hit a lot of good shots and I made a couple of putts. I really feel like things are starting to come together for me, which is the most important thing.

Been working hard. I didn't really get off -- the West Coast was kind of a little rough. Kind of spotty, really. Unfortunately, Thursdays were killing me. I was shooting myself in the foot the first round. Now, at least to kind of get a good start, hopefully I can just continue to do the things I've been doing.

Q. How were you playing yesterday before the rain?

J.J. HENRY: Yesterday I hit great shots. I was 1-under through three holes. Had birdie chances on the first three holes, and actually was working with my teacher, Todd Anderson on Tuesday. We actually went, we changed -- I went more left-hand low, and really that's make a made a big difference for me in my putting. I feel really confident. That's always been kind of my weakness, so to speak, is my putting. I really feel like now -- I feel like I can't wait to get to the greens and putt.

If anything, it's kind of all up here for me, but obviously, I think I have the game to compete, and I proved that last year. I contended a couple of times, so hopefully this is just another step in the right direction.

Q. Is it hard to start yesterday, then stop and then come back out?

J.J. HENRY: It is, but I tried to turn it into something positive. I looked at it -- I kind of looked at it like the Kemper Open last year, and I ended up finishing second in that tournament. So I tried to say, "Hey, I'm still young," and 36 holes is kind of good for me. If I can get off to a good start like I did today and just kind of ride it out all day, it can go both ways. If you don't play well, you can kind of snowball, but in the same sense, if you get off to a good start, you can carry the momentum through the whole way, and that's hopefully what I can do this afternoon.

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