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July 2, 2019

Katie Swan

Wimbledon, London, England


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you sum up the match from your perspective?
KATIE SWAN: Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed actually. I think it was a combination of things with why I lost. I was pretty nervous once I got out on the court, which I did feel ready before I went out. I guess you can never fully know how you're going to feel once you're actually out there. I definitely felt my nerves were a bit overwhelming today.

Also my opponent made it really tricky the way she played. She never gave me any rhythm. I have to credit her for that as well. The combination of playing an opponent like that and having nerves was not a good one for me today.

I never really felt like I relaxed fully during the match.

Q. It's obviously difficult to put your finger on why you are nervous, but any idea why you were more nervous today?
KATIE SWAN: I guess a big part is that we're at Wimbledon. Like I said before, I think that I did my best to prepare. Even during the match I still had some chances. Today just wasn't my day. I just kind of have to move forward and look forward to what's coming next.

Q. You talk about nerves. You were previously honest about mental health issues. Do you work with a sports psychologist?

Q. How were they inputting with you today?
KATIE SWAN: I've been speaking to her quite a lot over -- actually since I started working with her, been talking to her almost every day. We're working on different things to help me feel better about myself.

In terms of preparing for here, kind of just keep putting in the work every day that I've been doing. I did prepare as best as I could. Today, yeah, it just wasn't my day today.

Q. You talk about Wimbledon causing some of the nerves. Is it being on the bigger stage? Harder to focus?
KATIE SWAN: No, I don't think I was distracted. I think I saw it as another opportunity to get to compete here. I was really looking forward to it. Once I got out there, I still felt a bit shaky. I never really found my game. Also the way my opponent was playing, never giving me any rhythm, mixing it up, made it difficult for me.

Q. What's the strongest aspect of her game?
KATIE SWAN: I think her ability to mix it up, kind of throw the opponent off. She never really gave me two balls the same, which was tough for me to find any kind of rhythm.

Q. Obviously it's difficult that you're not in the second round. Your Fed Cup teammates are doing well. Will you stay and support them?
KATIE SWAN: I'm actually in doubles as well. I'll be playing either tomorrow or Thursday with my partner, which I'm looking forward to.

Q. Are you able to touch on the sports psychologist you have, how she helps you to deal with losses?
KATIE SWAN: I think I'll be fine. I'm obviously disappointed now. It's another tennis match. Everyone, like half of the draw, loses in the first round. The most important thing for me is to kind of just move on and still take some things that I can learn from the match, take some positives. Also how hard I have been working, how far I've come over the last few months, take that into my next tournaments.

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