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July 2, 2019

Dominic Thiem

Wimbledon, London, England


6-7, 7-6, 6-3, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Obviously he is a very good grass court player. Why do you think the match turned so much after he got the first break?
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, I think I played pretty well or pretty decent until one set all and 3-4. Was a little bit unlucky in I think it was the set point in the second set. Third set I had again a break chance. I think my seventh or eighth at 3-All, which I missed, where I actually had a return pretty good on the racquet, didn't convert it again.

I was a little bit pissed, of course, after that. He converted his first break chance. Of course, that was tough for me. After that, not a lot was working for me.

Also, I mean, he started the fourth set on fire. Against him, if you're a double break down, it's almost impossible to come back.

Q. How demoralizing is it when you have six breakpoint chances, he gets his first, how tough is that to recover from?
DOMINIC THIEM: It's very tough because first set, I mean, after it doesn't matter so much because I won it. But then the second set I played one breakpoint too defensive. I really go for it on the second. He frames it in like right before the line. That was, of course, little bit tough to handle.

I mean, I played a pretty bad tiebreak. I started the third set okay. I was serving really good. Then 3-All, what I said, I had again this break chance where I should make this return because I had it clean on the racquet. Of course, it hit me a little bit that he converted his first break chance.

After that, he was on fire. Was really tough to come back.

Q. How much have you still got to learn about the transition from clay to grass? Obviously having been in two French Open finals, we expect you to do well here. Is there a transition you have to master?
DOMINIC THIEM: Yeah, there's still things which are not easy. I mean, last year and this year together I played four grass court matches, which is not a lot at all. I mean, all the clay court season it takes a lot out of me. I gave everything what I had physically and also mentally in all these six weeks until the end of the French Open.

Then I had to take the decision to come here without any preparation. Of course, it's very tough to face Querrey, who loves grass, to face him in the first official grass court match for me of the year.

It's a lot of experience also. I'll see how I do it next year. I mean, I like to play on grass. Of course, I would love to do better here especially than I did the previous like last year and this year. With playing that deep in the French Open, it's a tricky situation.

Q. Obviously clay is your favorite surface. Prior to the French Open, do you consider playing more tournaments before Wimbledon, to enhance your grass preparation, playing less on clay?
DOMINIC THIEM: No, it's not possible with the calendar. After French Open anyway, there is no more clay court tournament. The only thing what I could do is skip the European clay after Wimbledon. It's Hamburg, Kitzbuhel, two tournaments which I really love. One of the only two or three possibilities in the year where I can play at home. It's tricky.

I have to see how I handle it in the next years to hopefully play better here.

Q. Do you wish Wimbledon were later, to give you more time?
DOMINIC THIEM: Always had been like it is now. I think that's fine. Other players also make it. Maybe they have a little bit more experience or they are more talented on grass. I don't know. I mean, I cannot hope that Wimbledon is going to be later.

Q. Do you think there is also a mental aspect, not just a technical aspect, when you play on grass? Maybe if something goes wrong, you have more frustration or you start doubting about yourself or not?
DOMINIC THIEM: No, because I went into the match with the thoughts that it's going to be, first of all, close, that there are going to be many games where I won't have any chances to break against these big guys on the fast surface. There are many games where you just go right and left, and that's it.

I was mentally prepared for this kind of game. Just broke down a little bit after he converted his first break chance, and that was it basically.

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