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July 3, 2019

Heather Watson

Wimbledon, London, England


7-5, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Started very well for you. What do you put it down to that things changed quickly thereafter?
HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I'd say the first two games started well. That first set, I just felt like I had so many chances, but wasn't able to play aggressive tennis and get there. I sort of went on the back foot, just made too many errors.

After that first set, I don't feel that I changed a lot. I just feel like she relaxed and really stepped up her level, didn't give me a look in at all.

Q. When you're getting your first serve in, you have a lot of joy. When you didn't, she was really going after your second.
HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, I've played her a fair few times. I'd say returning is probably the biggest strength in her game. I knew that going in. I knew I'd have to serve well. In the second set I felt it was like first and second she was crunching.

It was important for me to serve well today. I thought I definitely served better today than I did in my first round, but I feel like it was more my returns that let me down.

Q. Are you confident for the doubles coming up?
HEATHER WATSON: I'll be playing with Mandy Minella this year. It was sort of a last-minute decision. I was originally set with Tatiana Maria who I usually play with. We made the quarterfinals here last year. She's sort of my consistent doubles partner.

It will be the first time I'm playing with Mandy. But I look forward to it. She's a lovely girl. Hopefully we can play some good tennis. Also got the mixed doubles with Henri again. Hopefully that goes well, too.

Q. You've done particularly well in doubles here in recent years. How exciting and positive is it to see Andy playing, maybe playing with Serena? What does that do for doubles?
HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, it's brilliant. Doubles I'd say is a completely different sport to singles. It's a very different game. That's why you see so many doubles specialists.

It's great that he's playing, in general. That's so positive for the game. I think it will be really exciting to watch him play with Serena.

Q. You mentioned after your first-round match the online abuse you were subjected to. Does it get worse if you've lost a match?
HEATHER WATSON: Oh, yeah. There's no abuse if you win. But, yeah, I get asked this almost before every match now. But it is very usual after you lose more than when you win.

Q. Looking towards the rest of the year, are there enough positives to take winning in the first round, the moments you had today to hope for an improvement in form for the rest of the year?
HEATHER WATSON: Yeah, it's important to stay positive. The year is long. The season's long. I'm obviously disappointed today because the way I started, I was playing a lot better. I created a lot of opportunities for myself.

I'm just really disappointed I wasn't able to take them. But credit to Anett. She played well, stayed strong in those moments. That's why she's a top-20 player.

Yeah, I'll just keep on going like I always do.

Q. Do you regard yourself more as a doubles player than a singles player or is singles still your thing and where you want to focus most of your energy?
HEATHER WATSON: No, singles is always my priority and my main focus. Doubles for me is just a bonus.

Q. You certainly had the crowd behind you. How much did that help you? Do you not have any sort of recollection of what's going on in the audience?
HEATHER WATSON: No, I did. It was an amazing atmosphere out there on Court 1. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the schedule today, that we were going to be on Court 1. I didn't expect that.

Yeah, the crowd was amazing. They were behind me the whole way. I just wish I could have got them the result.

Q. You said yourself you had a lot of openings there.
HEATHER WATSON: A lot of what?

Q. Openings. What needs to change for you to take those, to go on and win?
HEATHER WATSON: I thought today in general I was too defensive. I didn't use my variety enough, coming to the net. I think I came to the net, like, twice. I think I won both points. Usually my game, I like to hit dropshots. I'm not like a power baseliner. I use my variety to help me win these matches.

I don't think I did that today. I was just too defensive, found myself too far back behind the baseline, let her dictate play.

Q. You said after your first-round win, in the buildup to Wimbledon, you'd been practicing really well, then losing. Then you'd come here, practiced really badly and won. Where is your practice at the moment?
HEATHER WATSON: Well, today's match, there's a lot of positives to take from it. I played a lot better than I have been. But I think that I hadn't played enough matches at this level, and it showed in the important moments today.

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