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July 4, 2019

Lauren Davis

Wimbledon, London, England

L. DAVIS/A. Kerber

2-6, 6-2, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. I saw you lose in qualifying, now you're beating the defending champion. How would you describe your Wimbledon journey so far?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, definitely been incredible. I was super disappointed having lost last round of quallies. I found out less than two hours later that I got into main. I was ecstatic about that. It's honestly a dream being here. I played quallies last year, so I wasn't able to come here.

But, yeah, it feels amazing.

Q. You really took it to her today, over 40 winners. What did you feel like was working particularly well, and how were you feeling out there with your game and movement?
LAUREN DAVIS: Angie is definitely pretty tough to play. She makes a ton of balls, like a human backboard. It was definitely, definitely a tough match, tough challenge.

I knew going in that the key was to change the pace. I had a bit of difficulty finding a happy medium between being aggressive and working the point and making a lot of balls.

Yeah, I definitely found that. It was good.

Q. How would you describe your level of surprise at the outcome today, if at all?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I wouldn't say that I was surprised because I always believe in myself. She's obviously an incredible champion. I have immense respect for her. I definitely believe in myself and believe that I can hang with these girls and beat them, so...

Q. Why do you think you're playing as well as you did today?

Q. Yes.
LAUREN DAVIS: Because I've worked hard, definitely worked hard to get here. Yeah, put in the hours and did a good job of playing within myself and staying calm, taking advantage of the opportunities when I had them.

Q. You've had some highs and lows in the last few years. What do you think that's down to, big picture, what it feels like to be on a high?
LAUREN DAVIS: That's tennis. That's life. There's definitely been tons of highs and lows. It's definitely made this and competing at this level all the more fulfilling. I definitely appreciate it a lot more than I used to.

Q. A few years back Novak Djokovic brought out a book about diet in tennis. Your dad wrote the introduction. You've had a lifetime in tennis where diet has been absolutely central to making the best of yourself.
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, not always. Just like with any kid and parent relationship, for years I didn't listen to him. Kind of just went through one ear and out the other, to be honest.

It wasn't until I started researching these things for myself, seeing how they affect the way that I feel and my energy and all that that I really started taking it seriously.

I'm actually taking a nutrition course online. It's definitely one of my passions, yeah.

Q. Have to change anything in your diet as a result of what you learned?
LAUREN DAVIS: For the most part I just try to eat organic. I have times when I go gluten free, vegan, whatever. Obviously with traveling it's very difficult.

I'm not too, too strict on it, as long as I just stick to eating like a lot of fruits and veggies. I found that's when I feel my best.

Q. When you talk about having the highs and lows, in the last couple years were the lows more results oriented, or are they injury related?
LAUREN DAVIS: I've been pretty blessed to not have any major injuries throughout my career. I think my stature definitely helps with that.

But, yeah, like beginning of my career and through the first half, I was young, like young-minded. Definitely put a lot of pressure on myself, tons of expectations. Those kind of just took me into some lows. So just like learning to manage those.

At the end of the day, like, as long as I'm enjoying myself on the court, I think that's what's most important to me.

Q. A lot of tape on your leg in qualifying. How are you feeling physically?
LAUREN DAVIS: I feel good. Tape is a lot worse than it looks. It's just a little soreness with my meniscus on my left side. It's really just prevention at this point, especially on the grass where it can be slippery potentially, so...

Q. At any point in the match did the match against Halep in Melbourne cross your mind at all?
LAUREN DAVIS: Once actually. Thought came in and then out (smiling).

But, yeah, it was a good match. I believed I could do it, so...

Q. What are your thoughts about Coco Gauff's accomplishment through two rounds here?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, she's incredible. I hit with her when she just turned 14 I think it was last year. I told my coach, This girl is amazing. She hits the ball like Venus, same pace and everything. But, like, most importantly, I would talk to her over the changeovers, get to know her a little bit. She's a really, really good girl.

I support her all the way for sure.

Q. What did you learn about her?
LAUREN DAVIS: I don't really remember. It was over a year ago, yeah. She's just easy to talk to, a nice girl.

Q. You practiced with Kevin Anderson once?

Q. Has to be one of the bigger height differences in practices for a while. What was it like?
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, Kevin is a nice guy. I work with Jay sometimes. Kevin works with Jay. But he lives in Delray. I live just a little bit north of him. That's how the connection was formed.

Yeah, always enjoy hitting with Kevin. He obviously hits a big ball and a big serve. One time he hit a kick and it went over my head. I have to stand on, like, the service line when he serves a kick serve. Definitely fun.

Q. What does a win like today over Angie, the quality of opponent, plus being the defending champion, what does it mean to you?
LAUREN DAVIS: It means everything because this is what I strive for, this is what I work for. Yeah, it's still setting in. It's definitely surreal.

But, yeah, definitely happy with the way that I played. This is, I'd say, probably the biggest win of my career, especially considering the circumstances, her being the champion last year.

But, yeah.

Q. Thoughts on your next opponent, Carla next? Talk through that potential challenge.
LAUREN DAVIS: Yeah, I played Carla a couple times. Last time I think was about a couple years ago.

She's very difficult to play. She makes a lot of balls. She works the ball really well. A great competitor. Looking forward to the challenge.

Q. What's the key for you against her?
LAUREN DAVIS: Play my game, play within myself. Not go for too much, but just find the balance between being aggressive and taking advantage of my opportunities when I get them. I think that's definitely very important.

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