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July 5, 2019

Simona Halep

Wimbledon, London, England

S. HALEP/V. Azarenka

6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Very impressive scoreline, especially against such a great player. How satisfied are you with that?
SIMONA HALEP: I'm very satisfied. I think was my best match this year. I played really well. I felt actually very confident. I've been aggressive all the match, even if I was 3-1 down first set.

I expected a tough one. I expected she's going to play well and she's going to hit strong, so I knew that. I was ready for the match. I'm really happy that I could win against a player as Vika because she's a great one.

Q. What do you think changed about the match in that first set, leading 3-1, breakpoints for a 4-2 lead? You went on to win 11 of the next 12 games. Was there a moment that it changed for you?
SIMONA HALEP: No. I just kept playing, fighting for every ball. I didn't think about the score. Then I started to feel more confident and stronger on court. She started to miss a little bit more. Then I just stayed there. It was another tough moment in the second set when I had breakpoints to go 2-0 and she came back.

She had a good moment at that moment. Then after I took 2-1 and 3-1, I started to feel confident that I can win the match.

Q. At the French Open, we had Ashleigh Barty who was thought to be more of a fast court player to win there. Does that give you hope that someone thought of as a clay-courter can translate that to the grass here and push for the title?
SIMONA HALEP: I think everyone is able now in this moment to make the transition easy and winning tournament. We cannot say that some players are playing well only on clay and some only on grass or hard. I think now the players are working hard. They feel good on all the surfaces.

About myself, I can say I have a chance everywhere I play. I have just to fight, have the desire to win every match I play.

Q. Has it always been that way for you, though, making that transition from clay to grass? Is that something you've become increasingly comfortable with?
SIMONA HALEP: No, always been like this. In 2013 actually I won a tournament on clay and then on grass. I always felt is not that difficult to make the transition.

But still on grass is very difficult because you never know what to expect. I'm still trying to improve my game on grass.

Q. Ion Tiriac is here working with you. I don't know if he's in a coaching role.

Q. I heard he was at your practices and had opinions.
SIMONA HALEP: He always has opinions. He's by my side every second. But he's not here any more. He left.

Q. What was it like having him with you?
SIMONA HALEP: It's great to have him. He gives me confidence. He's very hard, though, with the advice. But I feel stronger when I have him. The way he puts his energy and his advice to my practices and also my career, it's pretty awesome. It's great to have him.

Q. What kind of hard advice do you mean?
SIMONA HALEP: The way he talks. He talks like, If you play like this, you can win. If not, you lose.

It's a bit hard (smiling).

Q. There's a lot of attention on the mixed doubles team of Serena and Andy Murray. What do you think of that team?
SIMONA HALEP: I think it's a very, very nice moment for the tennis, to have Serena and Andy in the same side of the court. It's pretty awesome.

Actually, I will watch the match. I don't know when they play, but I will watch it. It's great to see Andy back on court. Hopefully he comes back also for singles.

Q. Seeing two top singles players, does that make you think you would want to play some dream mix team at a Grand Slam? Is it possible for you?
SIMONA HALEP: Didn't think about that. But if I play mixed, I play with Horia Tecau because we have to take a medal in Olympics. We have to train for that. He's the only one partner I want in this moment.

Q. A lot of talk from lower-ranked players about issues with prize money, there not being enough, the cost of being a player. Would you want to see any changes with the way money is distributed through the tour?
SIMONA HALEP: This subject I really don't like to talk about because I'm not a money person. It's tough. It's sensitive to talk about it because now, in my position, it's tough to think about that because I have everything I wanted. I worked for this. The money are great in tennis. I cannot complain.

Yeah, if there is possibility to change to help the players who are not very well ranked, that's a good idea. Hopefully they will help the players that they need more.

Q. Have you been keeping your eye on Gauff and Hercog?
SIMONA HALEP: I was in the locker room before coming here. I saw it was 4-2 in the second set.

Q. You play the winner.
SIMONA HALEP: I play the winner. It's finished?

Q. 6-3, 5-3. What have you made of both of them?
SIMONA HALEP: Well, the young one, I never played against. I didn't see a match of her. I know she beat Venus and it's a good result. Playing third round in Wimbledon at 15, it's great. But I don't know a lot about her.

As we see, I think Hercog is going to win. I played against her last week in Eastbourne. I know how I have to play against her, but every match is different. I have to be ready to take my chances and to be confident because I have the chance to win.

She is serving pretty well, pretty strong. I have to be stronger the return first.

Q. Vika in her press conference was talking about the scheduling, how often it feels like the women get a raw deal. French Open, semifinal, the equivalent of Court 2. Any thoughts on that? Do you feel there should be more equality?
SIMONA HALEP: No, because in my opinion many players deserve to play on main courts. We are changing a lot. If I was No. 1 few months ago doesn't mean that I have to play on Centre Court every time. Now I'm No. 6, now it's normal to play on Court 2.

I think people want to see many other players in women part on big courts. I have no problems with that. Everywhere I play, I enjoy. I try to focus on my game, not where I play.

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