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July 8, 2019

David Goffin

Wimbledon, London, England

D. GOFFIN/F. Verdasco

7-6, 2-6, 6-3, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. What was the key to making this whole run at Wimbledon? It's been a while since you have been in a Grand Slam quarterfinal. How have you been able to do it here?
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, it was not easy. The first set was the first key of the match. To win the first set, it was tough. I had a break and then tough tiebreak, had set points. I saved a lot of set points and some good points to finish the set.

And then in the second he played well. Second and then the beginning of the third it was tough. So I put a lot of energy in the third to try to fight and to come back in the rallies, to play a little bit better.

And then I played really good service games, like, three or four in a row. I felt like I was more in the match, and I had some opportunity to break him at the end of the third, and then I felt that it was completely after the third a different match. He checked out a little bit. I felt that I had more opportunities than to miss a little bit more, so I was more on top of him.

Even if I didn't take the opportunity I had in 1-All in the fourth, I had some more later in the set, and I didn't lose my serve in the last two sets. So it was tough - tough mentally, tough physically - but I'm happy.

Q. It's been two-and-a-half years since your last slam quarterfinal. There have been the two freak injuries in between as well as the ATP triumph in the middle. How does this compare to your other slam quarterfinals?
DAVID GOFFIN: I'd say amazing feeling, especially here. I knew that it's my favorite tournament, and I knew that I had the game to play well on grass (smiling). To reach the quarterfinals for the first time, it means a lot, and especially from a few months I had with tough moments on the court, tough moments off the court. And now, to be back with my best tennis, especially here, it's the perfect place and the perfect moment.

Q. Likely you're going to play Djokovic in the next round. He's not finished yet.
DAVID GOFFIN: Most likely.

Q. I'm curious, what do you think it takes to beat one of the big three guys at a Grand Slam? There's no real test for them yet. What do you think it will take to interrupt one of them here?
DAVID GOFFIN: No, but Novak is playing so well in Grand Slam. Is so tough to beat him in the best of five and especially here on grass. I think when he's playing his best tennis, is the World No. 1, is probably the best. Even for Roger, it will probably be the toughest challenge with Roger on grass.

But he's so consistent. This is what he's playing for now, grand slams, win Grand Slams. It's tough. He's so solid. The big three now, Rafa is still there, won in three sets. And Roger, we will see. But they are both fit and ready for this tournament, like in Paris, as well.

So they are so tough to beat in Grand Slam. But they are humans, so I will try to do my best.

Q. You won a set against Nadal in Paris. Does that experience give you encouragement that you can do more here against Djokovic? Playing Nadal in Paris is the toughest thing.
DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, it was also the toughest challenge to play Rafa on clay and I won a set. It's only a set, but it is just the level I played this match, and even before during the whole tournament I think was the beginning of something.

I started to play really well, and especially the transition between the clay and the grass went really well. I started to win matches straightaway, so it's always a good sign. And played the final in Halle and the quarters here.

It's, yeah, it's a great period. I think from there I kept it rolling until now, and it's just that the level is there now. I'm feeling confident, and I reproduce the level I had in practice during the match, so I think that's the key now. I'm feeling much better mentally, as well. I'm happy with that.

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