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July 14, 2019

Barbora Strycova

Hsieh Su-Wei

Wimbledon, London, England


6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How does it feel to win Wimbledon?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: Oh, my God, there is no word to describe the feeling. It's literally like 10 minutes right after. It's kind of like unreal. But in the same time it's amazing.

Q. 10 minutes after, but you were waiting a long time to play this match.
BARBORA STRYCOVA: We were waiting a long time. Yesterday was tough because we were ready, ready, then suddenly the supervisor came to us. If they just split sets, we cancel. We were just warming up. It was tough. But this is how it is.

Q. You were on Court 14 practicing, they told you. You were sad.
HSIEH SU-WEI: Because I was feeling good yesterday in my practice.


Q. You both played incredibly well over the two weeks, didn't lose a set. First time since Serena and Venus won in 2009.

Q. What went so well for both of you? What do you think you did well this week?
HSIEH SU-WEI: I don't know what to say.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: I have to say.

I think the way we played, because we played matches in Paris, we were kind of like we wanted to succeed really a lot. So the stress was there. We didn't really enjoy it.

I felt like this tournament, especially Wimbledon, from the first moment we step on the court together, we just laughed and we just enjoyed. We didn't want to do the same mistake as we did at the French Open.

We kept it through the whole tournament. I think that was also the biggest key we were playing the way we played.

HSIEH SU-WEI: Right, yes.

Q. I'm sure there are times when one of you is more stressed than the other. How do you keep each other chilled and relaxed?
HSIEH SU-WEI: It was stress?

BARBORA STRYCOVA: I mean, like I said it before, we are very different, but both of us handling stress differently. She's really calm person and I'm very emotional. But I keep just, like, try to enjoy it with a smile. That helps me also to relax on the court. This is from my side.

Q. You had to wait through long matches today and yesterday. What did you do while you were waiting?
HSIEH SU-WEI: I was thinking I glad Wimbledon change the rules. Until the 12-all they need to play the tiebreak. Otherwise I will keep eating and I will get fat.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: She was eating all the time.

I mean, we saw history today actually. It can't be longer. 7:30, they kept playing. Yesterday they cancelled at 7:30. Can they cancel us or move us on Court No. 1? Obviously they didn't.

It was tough. We slept a lot. We were talking a lot.

Q. What were you eating?
HSIEH SU-WEI: All the stuff. I eat banana, the chocolate cookie, gels. I eat two potatoes. One plate over vegetable. I was eating meat already. I was thinking, Maybe I don't eat another meat.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: She's eating and she's skinny.

Q. Are you planning on going to the ball tonight?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: We do so. Are we finished (smiling)?

Q. Have you had time to get your dress?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I have to be honest, we were ready since morning. We pick the dress in the morning. I was the first one to pick it. Su-Wei was right after me. Yes, we are ready to go. We will really enjoy it.

Q. Do you have plans to stick together, rest of the season, next year?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: We definitely talked about playing together because we have a good chance to play the Masters. We are on a pretty good way to do that. We will play together until the end of the year, and then we sit down and we will see how it goes, how we feel.

Yeah, we will not look so much in the future, just the end of this year.

Q. The score was routine, but there were lots of fun points. Did that make it seem like a more competitive match than the score suggested?
HSIEH SU-WEI: Of course, they catching the ball everywhere. You know that's more volley coming back. It's not like the match of some other girl winning a lot. We was flying everywhere to catching the ball back as well.

It was really fun. We need to try so hard to win every point.

Q. You're now No. 1.

Q. How does that feel?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: I can't thank her enough to help me pick up No. 1. It feels, again, unreal. It's amazing. It was my goal at the beginning of this year, that I want to become No. 1. It was really big goal. It happens right now, especially here at this moment, this tournament, my favorite place.

Yes, it's a fairytale. It has been two weeks of amazing moments. I will never forget.

Q. You were No. 1 before, Su-Wei. What advice do you have for Barbora?
HSIEH SU-WEI: Me was long time ago. I don't remember. I know Barbora has a chance to become No. 1 in any moment. I will say, okay, I don't think about it. Every time I go to the match, I think, okay, she have a chance to go to No. 1. When I step on the court, I forget. That was good.

Q. How did you pick your dresses?
BARBORA STRYCOVA: By feeling. I look at the mirror, if I like it, then I pick it, right? I have a good advisor, it was Simona in the room. I ask her. She said, You are good to go. Yeah, she was a little helper.

Q. Su-Wei, how did you pick your dress?
HSIEH SU-WEI: I see the pink one, okay, I take this one. You know the girls love pink gown.

BARBORA STRYCOVA: We will look nice, I think.

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