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July 14, 2019

Ian Poulter

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. Closing out the final round in Scotland, how do you assess how you've gone about this week and preparation for next week?
IAN POULTER: Decent week. Just a little warm under the collar, bogeying 17 from a position that I shouldn't really make bogey. It's the easiest pin on the course. It's easy to look at, right now, five minutes since I signed my card; so I'm looking at the mistakes I've made.

I took care of the 5s today, and I didn't take care of them the rest of the week. So I think it's been one of those weeks where it was good; it was good prep for next week but it's going to be a week that's going to be what if I had taken thank of those five yesterday. But it's a decent week leading into next week.

Q. When you look at your game, and you've been around for a long time now, played a lot of major championships.

Q. Still looking for that first one. But still looking at how you go about links golf, do you feel next week is your best chance in the majors?
IAN POULTER: Best chance, not sure it's my best chance. I think it's a good chance. It's a golf course I don't really know too much about. I went around there with Luke two years ago when he played it and I just kind of walked around one of the Irish Open rounds.

So I'm going to need to get to know it in the first few days next week. I need to get the right side of the draw, more importantly. Weather I think will play a part next week.

I enjoy links golf. I enjoy shot-making. I enjoy what links golf gives us. So yeah, I mean, let's get at it. Let's get after it.

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