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July 13, 2019

Kurt Busch

Matt McCall

Sparta, Kentucky

Q. Here comes Kurt Busch out of the car, and there is about to be a monster of a celebration. Kurt, this is this week, last week is last week. You've moved on and you're now a winner and headed to the playoffs. How does that feel?
KURT BUSCH: It's awesome. Just to get back to Victory Lane for the first time with a new team means the world to me. But with all these guys, there's so many that got their first win tonight, and they put me in position. A fast car, we had lap time, and we got a nice lucky break to get a shot at it with that yellow at the end. It takes teamwork all the way through, and thanks to Chevrolet, Monster Energy, Gear Wrench, Global Poker. These guys are winners, I couldn't be more proud of them.

Q. You mentioned the last win that was Bristol last summer. You remember it, 30 races ago. How does this time period, what are you processing during this time and the new team?
KURT BUSCH: Well, it's just a matter of getting the new team up to speed, so to speak, with all the right ingredients. You've got a pit crew, engines, aero, sideforce. We've got to make mistakes to learn from those lessons. We've got guys like this right here, Chip Ganassi. You're in Victory Lane, Buddy. Thank you so much. Thank you. I told you we'd make these guys winners.
Thank you to everybody on this team back at the shop that works on this car and makes it the winning car that it is. We're going to have those days where things don't go right. Today things went right, and my little brother gave me just enough room. It was like, you gonna lift? I ain't gonna lift. You gonna lift? I ain't gonna lift. And we had a duel. We had a duel going down through 3 and 4, and I didn't know who was going to come out on top.

Q. Matt, you're a racer yourself; what was that like watching these two duel it out on that last lap?
MATT McCALL: Badass. That's the easiest way to put it. Two racers getting after it, and the ol' man here figured it out.

Q. Your first time in Victory Lane as a crew chief, my friend. This feeling?
MATT McCALL: Yes, sir. This is what you work every day for. A lot of hours, but got a wheel man now.

Q. Are you going to answer the good tweets this week?
MATT McCALL: No, it'll be too easy this week, right? Well, if we would have ran fourth, it wouldn't have been easy. It would have been easy to answer those. We're past all that now. We'll move on.

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