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July 13, 2019

Kyle Busch

Sparta, Kentucky

Q. Younger brother Kyle on the wrong end of that thrilling finish. Kurt said he's tired of watching you win week in, week out. He also thanked you for giving him a little bit of room there, not putting him in the wall. What was the finish of that race like for you?
KYLE BUSCH: I'm glad it was a thriller. Just unfortunately we were on the wrong end of the deal for everybody at M&M's and Toyota, Interstate Batteries, all the folks that get us to where we're at. But congratulations to Kurt and Chip and Monster and all the guys over there. It's obviously cool to put on great races and great finishes, and been a part of a lot of them and not very many‑‑ in fact none with my brother like that, so that was a first.
You know, no hard feelings, and we move on.

Q. When I talked to your crew chief Adam Stevens just before that overtime finish he said he was worried about the 1 car because they had those four fresh tires. How big of a difference do you think that made?
KYLE BUSCH: Yeah, I didn't know that they had four tires, so I guess that probably had some of the difference. I knew I cleared him into 3, and if I just stayed in the gas, I was never going to make the exit, I was going to plow the fence, but maybe I should have just gotten in front of him and messed up his air. So easy to do with these cars. It's pretty much just an aero game. I missed my chance over there, I guess, and that's about all I could really have done different.

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