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July 13, 2019

Erik Jones

Sparta, Kentucky

Q. Erik Jones, finishes third with a great run, but man, what was going on in front of you? You probably hoped they were going to get together?
ERIK JONES: Yeah, I had two choices there going into 3 and 4. I knew they were probably going to slide up, so I was going to try to run to the bottom and make a run on them, but they didn't slide up enough, and I was tight and couldn't quite get the run I needed to.
But the Craftsman Camry was good. It was fast from the start. We just needed some track position. We needed to get up there and finally did and had a shot, we were just a little too tight at the end.
But good day, lots of points which is what we needed. I'd love to be standing there on the frontstretch where Kurt is, but we're close and we're just going to keep after it and get there soon.

Q. Seems like these restarts are just wild this year with this package. You were on the successful side here. How do you try and put yourself in the position and read it in the race?
ERIK JONES: You know, it's odd, the top is usually pretty dominant on the restarts, and I was a little worried being on the bottom, but me and Kyle got rolling really good, and he side drafted the 22 hard, and about when he did that, I got to him and gave him a big push, and we were able to kind of just slip by, and for a second I was thinking, man, we're going to clear them all here and couldn't quite do it, but still a good restart, and did what we could, just didn't quite work out.

Q. You're now two points to the good inside the playoffs on the bubble. What does this do for this team in the points situation in terms of giving you that momentum to make the playoffs?
ERIK JONES: Well, it's good that we're ahead of it now and we just need to keep it going. We built ourselves big deficit through some misfortune and bad luck, and we're digging out of it now but we're doing a good job at it and doing the best we can. Getting back on the good side of it's a good start, we just need to keep it rolling and hopefully get a win here soon.

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