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July 13, 2019

Matt Wallace

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. A brilliant performance today, 68, 66,64, trending the right way. What's going well with the game so far?
MATT WALLACE: Today was the putter. It was my best round today, which is nice, and then Dave, as well. Dave was brilliant today. We had a couple -- I put a bad swing on it on 9 and then we had a mystery on 11 where it went so long and Romain went long, as well from the fairway. He was brilliant. He kept me calm and we stayed in it today.

Q. Obviously quite a late tee time, obviously the nature of this and it will be next week, as well. When you see the numbers being posted, is this a golf course that you really force the issue on?
MATT WALLACE: Today, yes. The weather was just perfect. The some of the pins were accessible as well with some of the slopes and I got off to a good start, as well. I thought, I'm not going to be leading with 15-under. So I just had to keep a foot on the gas and keep going, and missed a couple putts coming in, but 7-under, I'm pretty happy with that today.

Q. A lot of folks might see you up there, highest-ranked player in the field in The Race to Dubai, No. 2, and when you look at a guy like you, you start thinking ahead to The Open Championship, and maybe it's a tune-up to that. How do you view where you are, and what would it mean to be able to capture this tournament, The Scottish Open?
MATT WALLACE: Firstly, this week is important for me. I want to try to get back on No. 1. Jon took that from me last week. So credit to him. He played great. I played with him the first two days and he was seriously flushing it, so I took inspiration from that and I want to try to overtake him again now. That friendly rivalry is quite nice.

But then leading up to next week, I played it on Monday with Darren Clarke, so I know what I've got to expect, and my performance today from tee-to-green probably wouldn't cut it there, so I know what I need to go and work on.

So I'm going to go and do that on the range now. But yeah, this tournament is big for me, and hopefully I can give it a go tomorrow.

Q. That looked like fun out there.
MATT WALLACE: It was. I enjoyed it more so than the last couple days. Just being able to attack pins and go after it because the scoring is so low, and it was about time I posted a 7-under or an 8-under total score. So missed a couple putts coming in, which is annoying but all in all, but I think it evened itself up.

Q. The putting was pretty good all day, and everything seemed to drop, that one on 16?
MATT WALLACE: 16, I must have misread it because I thought at the end it was going to go left and it actually held its line. Very happy with that. But then I misread the next one and is it stayed out, so it kind of evens itself out a little bit. But all in all, a pretty good day.

Q. Got you in a great position heading into tomorrow. What's important for you this week and tomorrow, given what's around the corner next week?
MATT WALLACE: Well, I think I see it, these tournaments, like these Rolex Series tournaments are so big and so big in the season that if you can get ahead in them somehow, post good finishes, it can take you away from the middle ground in the field on The Race to Dubai.

Jon showed that last week going from outside I think Top-10 to then leading it by winning it. So it's really important to me for my Race to Dubai rankings, and also it will be a massive confidence boost going into next week.

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