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July 13, 2019

Lexi Thompson

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Finishing in style with an eagle in front of a massive amount of fans. Tell us a little bit about that 6-iron coming in.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, it was a little iffy. I had 170 to the front and then 177, and the wind kind of gusted out of nowhere into the wind. Oh, man, it's pushing it, because I don't play with a 5-iron in my bag.

I was like, Okay, well, I have the downslope going for me. If it stays in the bunker short it's easier up and down, but carried the bunker and was left with about a 20-footer. Made it.

Q. Missed the first green of the day. Only your third missed green of the week. This is after a two-week break. Is this some of the best ball striking you've ever had your career?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I would probably say that. I took my first week off at home and just relaxed, and then I basically just played the second week. I just wanted to keep my swing in the groove because I was hitting it well before I took the break.

Just really took it easy. Came into this week knowing I like this golf course and just this tournament in general, so it's just been overall a fun week for me.

Q. Talk us through your finishing hole on 18. Finishing in style today.
LEXI THOMPSON: I finally got a drive in that fairway. I've been hitting great drives but going through that -- in that bunker, which I didn't know what was reachable. So I got a drive left of it today and had 177 hole and the wind started to gust up so it was taking forever to hit that golf shot, which I hate.

I ended up just hitting a 6-iron and just trying to flight it as best I could and carry the bunker by a few yards, and ended up having 20, 25 feet and made it.

Q. You mentioned the wind. The wind was a little gustier than the past few days. What were the conditions like for you?
LEXI THOMPSON: Uh-huh. Yeah, it was a lot windier today. A little bit different direction, but not a big difference. It was just gusty. It was blowing at least five to seven miles more consistently, but then at the same time there was gusts out there.

So it was a little bit more to deal with, and then firmer greens in the afternoon, but it was a good test.

Q. How good has your ball striking been here this week?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it's been pretty good. I've been working on it a lot, especially in my off-season and then coming in the beginning of this year.

But I played well my last five-week stretch and then took a really nice two weeks off. Just stayed at home, relaxed, hung out with my family and friends. I think that's what I needed, and to just come out with a fresh start.

Q. And your plan to try to bring home win No. 12 tomorrow?
LEXI THOMPSON: Same mindset as these last three days. I'm just having a lot more fun on the golf course with my caddie, Benji. Not getting too down on myself if I do hit a bad shot or make a bogey or anything.

I am just trying to go out there, have fun, focus on one shot at a time, and commit to my targets. That's all I can do.

Q. What's the mindset when you see Sei Young throwing birdie after birdie up there? What's the mindset for you going to be like on the final day?
LEXI THOMPSON: Honestly, I'm not really thinking about any other players. It's hard to because you're playing with them and then there are leaderboards, but I try not to look at any leaderboards. I've just been trying to focus my game, my attitude, just everything I can control.

I can't do anything about what they're doing. I can just control my game. If I make the birdies, great. Put the pressure on them. If I don't, it's golf. It's not my life.

Q. Not many could pull off a shot like that on 18. What, do you just suck it up and let it rip?
LEXI THOMPSON: On my second shot?

Q. Yeah.
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, basically it was gusting back and forth and I'm like, Oh, my gosh. Ten minutes later it felt like I was finally hitting my shot. That's the worst. I hate taking that long over a shot. I'm like, Ah, just hit it. What's the worst that can happen? Yeah, I ended up hitting a great drive.

Q. How emphatic and needed was that final putt there on 18?
LEXI THOMPSON: Well, I would say it was very needed. I don't know what position I was at, but it was needed. I missed a few coming in, so those were needed as well. I mean, it's golf. I had a lot of shorter putts today than the other days. I got to the last one and I'm like, I'm not leaving it short. I'm going after it.

If that one missed it probably would've gone to the front edge of the green. I was making sure I was getting there.

Q. The risk/reward at the 9th, just curious your thoughts. It's so close, yet with the conditions it's played so different today. I think only a few players made the green. Does that not surprise you just with how it was playing today?
LEXI THOMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it doesn't surprise me. That's actually a great drivable hole because there not much of a window to land it on that flat plateau about 20 yards short of that green.

So I think it was 238 to the actual top when it was plat. And then into the wind left to right it's tough because you don't wan t go and start it left in the trees and possibly have it not come back right.

I think I that drop-off area to the right was very common.

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