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July 13, 2019

Carlota Ciganda

Toledo, Ohio

Q. Over the past few days you talked about simply coming back out and posting a better score than the day before and not getting your hopes too high. How have you been able to simplify your game?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Just trying to be in the present as much as I can. It was tough out there today. It was quite windy in the afternoon. The fairways are a little more firm. Wind was just swirling a lot. It was tough to hit good shots.

At the beginning I was just trying to hit greens, fairways. Made a good birdie on 9, 1-under; then birdied 10, too; bogeyed 12, but then I give myself good chances and I end with two birdies so really happy.

Q. Birdieing 18 here, another strong finish. How do you carry that into tomorrow?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Tomorrow just try to do the same as every day. Be in the present, try to hit fairways, greens, give myself chances, and hopefully I can put a good round.

Q. I know you don't watch the scoreboard too much, but how do you simplify and focus on your game and not watch the other scores?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: I just know in the past I been watching and it doesn't help, so I'm just trying to stay in the present, do my thing. I have my own thoughts and I have what I want to do. That's what I try to focus.

I think if you think too much outside or the scoreboard, other players, it's not under your control so makes no sense for me to focus on that.

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