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July 13, 2019

Brooke Henderson

Toledo, Ohio

Q. All right, bogey-free, 4-under. How was your round today?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I was hitting the ball really well and giving myself a lot of birdie looks, which is really nice. Unfortunately didn't really make a lot of putts out there.

Hopefully go into tomorrow hopefully make a few more putts and give myself the same amount of opportunities.

Q. You're within striking range at least, right?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I would've liked to have been closer. They have a lot golf left. Two par-5s to finish, so I'm sure by the end of the day I'll be pretty far back. It would be nice to get a low round tomorrow and just kind of see what happens.

Q. How much did the wind affect play today?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Definitely made the golf course a lot tougher. A lot different course than it has been the last two days.

Q. With so many numbers changing on moving day, how do you focus on each and every one of your shots?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I mean, moving day you got to go low or you fall behind. It can be a lot of fun. You go after a few more pins, maybe be a little bit more aggressive, and just hope the putts fall as well.

Q. First couple years you were here (indiscernible.) You've really flipped the script on the way you've played here. What's the difference?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think it's important to know your lines off the tees here and always stay on the high side. I think the first two years I was still kind of learning that.

I feel like now I have a better strategy around this golf course and just feel a little bit more comfortable.

Q. (Regarding experience.)
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, that's right.

Q. A year ago you were in the contention on the final day. How does that help you out tomorrow?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, last year I played really well all four days around here. Unfortunately didn't result in a victory but third place, and I was really happy with.

I think just kind of remember the good shots I hit on every single hole and remember the pin locations and kind of what the putts do.

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