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July 12, 2019

Justin Thomas

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. You've added The Scottish Open to your schedule for the first time. What's been the value of that decision?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Just getting in good, competitive golf. It's only two days; we're halfway there, but it's what I've been working toward and trying to see more of this happen.

Obviously the conditions are about as easy as you can get them out here, but still have to hit the golf shots and make the putts. I feel like I've gotten a lot out of my round over the last few days, which is something I've kind of been doing the opposite of. Just trying to build some confidence for next week.

Q. How nice to play great golf and show what your wrist can do in these conditions?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, but only halfway there. Have a long way to go to try to win this golf tournament and at least try to give myself a chance. But you don't know what the weather is going to give you, if we're going to need to keep shooting 7-, 8-under or if a couple under is going to be a good round. It's felt great so far, so that's good. I was a little nervous coming over here because it's so different from the turf in America, but it's been good.

Q. A round of 64. How do you assess your play today?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It was a good day. It was a good score. I felt like I played really well the front nine and then started the back nine, I hit a little bit of a lull there. 10,11, 12, 13 are all birdie holes and to play those holes 1-over was tough because I felt like, you know, I was in great momentum and then kind of a great groove with everything and kind of hit a couple loose drives that ended up costing me a couple strokes there on 10 and 11. Overall, can't be too dissatisfied with a 64.

Q. You've won tournaments with 8-under par and you've won tournaments with 27 under par. Do you prefer a birdie-fest, or par-is-a-good-score?
JUSTIN THOMAS: As long as I'm at the top of the end week, I don't really care what the winning score.

Q. How were conditions?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Wind direction was different, so that definitely changed things. It was a very, very odd day weather-wise. Started out beautiful and then we could see that weather coming in the sea and we were just praying that it wasn't going to hit us and then the wind completely flopped and then it started raining for a hole or half a hole. Then it got cold and then it was beautiful the rest of the day with the wind really dying down.

So I would say we got lucky the second half of the day, but just this is as easy as this course can play. I mean, look at the scores. The cut being, I don't know, 5- or 6-under, that's unheard of on any professional level event. So I think that kind of speaks for itself.

Q. You must be pleased you've kept yourself up there.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah, absolutely. I had a great front nine to keep pace I guess. I didn't drive the ball very well today, which is great to shoot the score I did, not driving it very well I feel, but going to try to hit a couple balls here and try to figure it out.

I was in control of everything. When I needed to save those kind of big par putts or kind of momentum-savers, I was able to do that. Really, other than the putt on 11, which I hit a really good putt, just kind of lipped-out, other than that, I feel like I made a lot of putts, which is what you need to do to keep pace when the lead is 14-under through two rounds.

Q. It's a different style of golf you've chose tone come over and play this week. You've had that niggly wrist injury and how do you feel your game and wrist is heading into next week?
JUSTIN THOMAS: My wrist is fine. I waited as long as I did so it wouldn't be an issue going forward and I still feel the same way. Coming over here, I knew the turf was going to be a little bit different. Had a little bit more of an unknown than staying in the States, but no, it's been great so far.

In terms of my game, I'm just trying to continue to see positive feedback and some things that can give me some good momentum, not only going into The Open but the rest of the year, because this is a very, very big stretch of the year for myself and all of us. So I'd like to be peaking come this time of year.

Q. What did you enjoy about your round?
JUSTIN THOMAS: I enjoyed the score, I would say. It was nice, it was very weird teeing off, and to think I was probably in 45th or 50th place at 4-under par after one round, that's kind of crazy. But you know, I knew I needed to kind of keep the hammer down and make a lot of birdies and I was able to hit some good shots and make some key putts to keep some momentum going or gain some going throughout the day.

Q. And do you feel like you're learning the course as you go, coming here between yesterday and today, what did you notice?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Maybe a little bit. I think this isn't your typical, traditional links where there's a lot of kind of nooks and crannies to it where you kind of have to use different slopes.

I mean, you do still have to, but it's a very modern style links, especially with the conditions we've had, with little to no wind and being softer, it's more, I guess you could say, American-style. Obviously you can still run it and the ball is going quite a bit farther, but I don't know, it's not quite as linksy.

Q. You could be three shots off the lead going into the weekend. How does that feel?
JUSTIN THOMAS: It feels good. I feel -- you know, I've played well the last couple days. I've made some putts, which is something I've been working hard to get back to doing. I feel comfortable, over really a lot of my game right now. I just need to keep continuing to do that, not only for the rest of the week but the rest of the season.

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