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July 12, 2019

Lee Slattery

North Berwick, Scotland

Q. Good run through 36 holes, what are you most pleased about?
LEE SLATTERY: I think just making one bogey. It's been a little bit inconsistent the last few weeks and made far too many bogeys, but just held it together well out there today. I didn't play great towards the end, but just putted really well and that kept me in it. Yeah, just very happy with the putting this week so far.

Q. You had a streak of missed cuts and then you finished tied for 27th at Lahinch last week. What did you find?
LEE SLATTERY: I found a golf swing at last. Yeah, I've worked probably harder this winter than I've ever worked in the past. Doing a lot of work in the gym and changing the body a little bit, and does trying to hit it further to keep up with the young guys because they all hit it so far nowadays.

Like I said yesterday, you turn 40, and you think, have I got another good ten years left in me. It was the only way to do it. It's taken awhile to kick in, but hopefully I'll start to play better now finishing the season.

Q. What will you lean on over the weekend to help get you over the hurdle?
LEE SLATTERY: I think just experience. Been out here so long now. This is my 15th year on The European Tour, and it's been an interesting career, but I've mainly played European Tour golf and it's been good fun.

I would have liked to have had more than two wins, and I've been in contention a number of times, but I think playing well last year in a Rolex Series in event in Italy with Molinari, and I played with Thorbj√ɬłrn who won it. Managed to shoot 62 in the third round, so I'll certainly feed off all that and just believe that I can go out there and try and win it.

Q. Very good day yesterday, always nice to back it up on the second day, and you looked like you were enjoying yourself out there?
LEE SLATTERY: I was. Felt very relaxed. I think when you hit the ball well, it certainly makes you feel a bit more relaxed. If you start shooting low scores and you don't feel like your game is quite there, it can be stressful. Putted well. Played well. It's all come together.

Q. It's always a nice time of year to hit a bit of form. Where do you feel your game is right now?
LEE SLATTERY: I feel like it's better. I feel like all the hard work I've put in over the winter is starting to pay off now and just trying to finish the season off strong. A lot of Rolex Series Events to play and I feel I need to push this finish part of the season.

I didn't play too much in the early part of the year which is different for me. Spent more time with the family. Got a young family and felt like it was important to spend more time with them this winter. Did a lot of gym work at home and I feel like the game is starting to come together a little bit.

Q. There's also the added incentive this week of an Open place. How much is that in your mind?
LEE SLATTERY: That was my primary goal this week. I think if you can qualify for The Open, it means you've had a great week and certainly last week there was enough good form to show coming into this week. That was my goal this week, believe it or not, to try and get an Open spot. Anything else is a bonus but that is the primary goal.

Q. Another 64 today. What are your thoughts on your round?
LEE SLATTERY: Last week, started so well and didn't follow it up the second round. So to go out today and start fast, I think that was the key to the round really. Managed to get to 10-under par quite quickly and just fed off that.

Made some really good swings around the turn. Birdied 10, 11, 12. 11 was a tough hole today, and then a little bit scrappy coming in but still managed to make a birdie on 16 and not drop any shots today which was key.

Q. Speaking of your birdies, the par 5s here, you birdied all four of them?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, no fives on the card. I can't remember the last time I did that to be honest. It was a comfortable round. Certainly the 17th, I didn't hit a very good tee shot there. I just pulled it left and knew I couldn't pull it left but made a great up-and-down. Holed a 12-footer to save par there. Just did all the right things today and holed out well and hit the ball well when I needed to, and yeah, here I am.

Q. Let's talk about 17 because we all want to go out there and see birdies, but here, saving par can be just as important.
LEE SLATTERY: I think so. More for momentum. We all know we're going to make bogeys at some point but we don't want to make many. You see week-in, week-out, the guys that win tournaments don't make many bogeys. They make a handful of them. Courses like this you don't want to make many bogeys. Keeps the momentum and flow going and that's probably why I holed the putt at the last, as well.

Q. How excited are you looking at the leaderboard?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, very excited. Love this type of golf. I think the course probably needs a bit more wind to make it a real test but I think in general it's a really good event. They always put on a great here at The Scottish Open. I always look forward to playing here. Yeah, it's nice to be able to.

Q. Your Twitter said practice in silence and enjoy your results. Living up to that?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, I think it's always been a little like that. At home this year, I put a gym in the house and a putting green indoors, and I've been working hard on those aspects on my game. My wife, as well, she's been in the gym a lot and loving it, too. We've become like a fit family all of a sudden.

It certainly helps and I feel better for doing it. Feel a lot stronger. It was just getting really frustrating towards sort of the middle of the year. I think last week was more a turning point, making the cut and getting into the weekend. Hopefully I can make a nice run.

Q. Looking forward to the family visiting?
LEE SLATTERY: Yeah, I think they are driving up as we speak. I said if I'm a couple under on the front nine, you're safe to come up. So when I went out in 3-under, I'm sure they went on the road. I spoke to my wife last night and she was packing at about eight o'clock last night getting ready. It will be nice to see her and the kids because I've played a lot of golf recently and not seen much of them, with my little boy being at school. It will be really nice to see them.

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